Instructions for playing Genshin Impact with friends

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Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game in which the player travels around Teyvat to explore the world and perform a multitude of quests, chests, battles, and more that are done in single player mode.

Genshin Impact also features a co-op mode that allows its large community to make friends and explore the world together. Team up with your friends and players can conquer domains for artifacts and materials, defeat weekly bosses, and complete puzzles.

This article will how to play Genshin Impact with friendswork together to explore the vast world with countless exciting activities of the game.

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Instructions to play Genshin Impact with friends

After unlocking the co-op mode in Genshin Impact by reaching Adventure Rank 16, players can start adding friends. If you don’t add friends, people won’t have anyone to play with. Friends must also be at least 16 Adventure Rank, otherwise the player will not be able to join their world or vice versa.

How to add friends to Genshin Impact

To add friends in Genshin Impact, do the following:

Open pause menu of the game, select Friends and go to the second tab in the menu Friends.

Enter UID include 9 digits that your friend gave you and press the . button Search.

Send a friend request and once the request is accepted, the player can start participating in the world of friends.

How to join the world of friends

To join a friend’s world, open pause menu and choose Co-Op Mode.

Find a friend you want to play with from the friends list and press the . button Request to join. If accepted, everyone can start playing with their friends.

How to host the world to play with friends

To host a co-op session, after making friends, players will need to do the following:

Open pause menu and choose Co-Op Mode. Now, choose My Multiplayer in the bottom right corner.

Select Allow Direct Join (anyone can join) or Join After Approval (Need to be approved by the host to participate). Then everyone just waits for their friends to join their world.

Gamers can also completely decline the request to join if they want to play alone. Since the direct join request allows any friend to join at any time, players need to want to turn this feature off if they want to focus on the main quests.

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