Instructions for playing Debug Mode in Project Zomboid

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Spawn items and use Debug Mode in Project Zomboid is quite simple. If you want to do a few tricks, like starting a helicopter event, it’s helpful to know how to use Debug mode and what it can do.

With Debug Mode enabled, gamers can control everything they can think of in the Project Zomboid server. Players can simply adjust server settings like changing the climate, making it rain, snow, and even start a storm.

In this article, let’s find out Instructions to enable Debug mode and how to spawn items when in this mode in Project Zomboid.

What is Debug Mode in Project Zomboid?

Debug Mode basically the same as Creative Mode in Minecraft. Gamers can use it to make some interesting challenges and scenarios for themselves with some relatively basic steps.

Debug menu in Project Zomboid
Debug menu in Project Zomboid

Debug mode basically provides access to all admin commands in Project Zomboid, which works like the cheat codes of many previous games. With Debug Mode enabled, players can gain unlimited speed, carry weight, invisibility from zombies, and tons of other cool things.

How to enable Debug Mode in Project Zomboid

To turn on Debug Modeall that the player to do is right click on Project Zomboid in Thư viện of Steam and choose Properties.

In the first tab, General will launch the parameters, just enter -debug and everyone has finished enabling Debug mode.

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Before starting to play in Debug Mode, players should not install any Project Zomboid mods. This is because the more mods you use, the more likely the debugger will encounter an error. Sometimes the admin commands will stop working, so don’t install mods or at least keep the mod list neat when using Debug Mode for the first few times.

How to spawn items using Debug Mode in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, the player can spawn any desired item with Debug Mode or with the command additem from the admin console.

While in Project Zomboid, the player will see a small icon like a bug on the left side of the screen. Click here to display Debug menu with loads of options. Gamers can pause their game while interacting with this menu

Option Items List will provide the ability to find items to give the character in any quantity he wants. Players can get the best weapons in Project Zomboid with unique costumes. Besides, this list also includes items from mods installed in the game.

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