Instructions for mining all kinds of ores in Dinkum

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Dinkum is a new survival game in which players will build their town on an island and craft different items to survive. As you progress through the game, you will be asked to collect metal ingots. Ores can be obtained by mining with specific tools.

In this article, let’s learn how to mine ores in Dinkum, help gamers collect many gems and can sell for Dinks.

Types of ores in Dinkum

There are 3 different types of ores in Dinkum that people can collect to craft useful items, including tin, copper, and iron.

Tin ore

Tin ores can be found in large quantities in virtually all biomes. Tin ore is represented by pieces of black ore and is mined with a basic pickaxe. This ore does not take long to mine and it can be turned into tin bars that are used for many things.

Copper Ore

Copper ore can also be found in all biomes but is rarer than tin ore and is mined with copper hoe. Copper can mainly be found in the desert regions of the island.

Iron Ore

Iron ore is the rarest ore in the game and it is mainly found in mines. Iron ore can be mined with an iron pickaxe. After the first mining expedition, iron ore deposits will very rarely appear in the underworld. Iron looks a lot like quartz from a distance due to the light of the stone.

How to mine ore in Dinkum

To start mining, everyone must have a mining license first. Mining license can be obtained at the start of the game. The first level of mining can get 250 Permit points from Fletcher.

After getting a level 1 license, everyone will be able to get the basic pickaxe from the John’s Goods store. The basic pickaxe will cost 1200 Dinks and it can be used to mine tin ore along with rocks. Tin ore is used to make tin ingots.

To collect rarer ingots, gamers will have to have a level 2 mining license for 1000 Permit points. To get this score, players need to complete more milestones to get more Permit points.

A Level 2 Mining License will allow crafting copper pickaxes at the crafting table with the base pickaxe and 2 copper rods.

To collect the rarest metal ingots, players will have to obtain a level 3 mining license. Level 3 will cost 3000 Permit points, so you will need to complete more milestones to get more points. Level 3 license will allow crafting iron pickaxe at crafting table with copper pickaxe and 2 iron rods.

Players can also unlock the Jackhammer tool at John’s shop, which speeds up mining. Jackhammer can be purchased from an inventor who will visit town after everyone sells the Data Disc to Franklyn. Jackhammer will cost 100,000 Dinks and some materials are as follows:

  • 5 old springs
  • 2 hot cylinders
  • 1 green palette
  • 8 iron bars
  • 1 stone grinder

These 4 tools will help players mine all the necessary metal ingots in the game and turn them into useful items to use.

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