Instructions for installing mods in Project Zomboid

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Project Zomboid is a survival game in the apocalypse with the pursuit and attack of zombies, loved by many gamers. This has also led to the development of the modder community, actively creating hundreds of mods with loads of fun and exciting new functions and gameplay.

These mods can provide some support to the player during the difficult survival process, adding weapons and equipment, etc. Everyone can refer to the TOP mods that should be installed in Project Zomboid. , but before that, it is important for gamers to know how to install mods.

In this article, let’s find out how to install mods in Project Zomboidbrings a lot of new content to the game and makes survival against zombies easier.

How to install mods in Project Zomboid

Step 1: Open the Steam app, click the tab Thư viện and find games Project Zomboid from the list on the left side of the application’s interface. Then choose Workshop.

Step 2: Now choose a mod from the item Most Populareg Backpack Borders. Afterward, click on the mod and go to details page. Press the button Subscribe on the mod details page and it will start downloading.

Step 3: One thing to remember is that when playing in a multiplayer environment, the mods are automatically downloaded after joining the server. Now go back to the Steam library to begin the game. After the game is launched and the menu is displayed, people need to click on the option Mods.

Step 4: Downloaded mods will not be activated automatically or by default. Gamers need choose mod and activate it by clicking switch button before it until it appeared Enabled.

Step 5: Now go back to the main menu and start a new game. Click SOLO and the next window will show which mods have been loaded. The mod section also gives gamers the option Choose Mods to add new mods. Players can add these mods to the game they are currently playing, but it is better to start a new game because sometimes mods can cause problems when running.

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