Instructions for installing and playing Legendary Gomu game on PC

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Legendary Gomu is a general card game is built based on the extremely popular One Piece (Pirate King) anime manga. Here, we will meet important characters in this manga such as: Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp,…. Starting when participating in this game, you will recruit characters to your team, then enter fierce matches to win and receive more extremely attractive items. In addition, here players can also perform a series of missions to conquer all seas, search for treasures.

Currently, this game only has a phone version, so if you want to play this game on a computer, we will first have to download and install this game on the emulator. Therefore, today will introduce the steps to take install, play Gomu Legend game on PC with LDPlayer emulator softwareinvite you to follow the article.

How to install and play Legendary Gomu game on PC

Instructions for installing Legendary Gomu on LDPlayer

Quick start Guide:

Open the LD Player emulator on your computer > Click search window frame > Enter, search for keywords “Legendary Gomu” > Click the button Setting > Wait for the game download to complete > Click the button Phat.

Detailed instructions:

Step 1: First, we will open LD Playe emulator softwarer on my computer.

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Step 2: At the main interface of the emulator, click onhung the search window.

Click on the search window

Step 3: In the search box at this time, enter the keyword “Legendary Gomuand then press the . button Enter.

Search game Gomu Legend

Step 4: Next, please click on the . button Setting.

Click on the Install button

Step 5: Wait a moment for the game to be downloaded to your device, then tap the . button Phat.

Click the Play button

Instructions for playing Legendary Gomu game on computer

Quick start Guide:

Log in to your Gomu Legend game account or click the . button Play now > Click on item Choose a server > Select any server > Click on the . button Start > Tap the button Agree to recruit Luffy character > Name the game account > Click the button Agree > Click the button Explore > Tap the item Dead Island > Click on arrow icon > Organize your squad > Click the button Fight > Start the match > Get the reward at the end of the match.

Detailed instructions:

Step 1: We’ll start first login game account Gomu Legendif you don’t want to login then click on the . button Play now.

Login game account

Step 2: Now, to select the server you want to join, click on the item Select server.

Click on the Select Server button

Step 3: On the screen now appears the server window frame, choose any server that you want to join.

Select server

Step 4: Next, please click the . button Start.

Click the Start button

Step 5: Click the button Agreeto be able to recruit the character Luffy to his team.

Click on the Agree button

Step 6: At this point, we will name the game account yours, and then click the . button Agree.

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Name the game account

Step 7: At the main interface of the game, click on Explore in the lower left corner of the screen.

Click on the Explore button

Step 8: In the map interface of the game, click on the item Dead Island.

Click on Dead Island

Step 9: At this time, the message window frame “Normal 1-1click on arrow icon.

Click the arrow icon button

Step 10: Arrange the characters enter your squad, then tap the . button Fight.

Arrange characters into the lineup

Step 12: Now, we will start the battle, the characters will automatically fight the enemy.

Start the game

Step 13: Finally, when you win, the screen will display a message and the gift you received.

Win the match

Video tutorial to play Legendary Gomu game

Hopefully, after following this article, you can easily and quickly install and play the Legend of Gomu game on your computer with the LD Player emulator software, thereby experiencing many interesting things from game.

Wishing you success!

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