Instructions for growing plants in Dinkum

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Dinkum is a survival game combined with farming simulation. Participating in the game, gamers must find a way to survive and thrive in harsh places. Players will be tasked with finding natural resources in these places and using them to craft and build a life for themselves.

Farming and planting seeds is a way for players to earn Dinks, complete important Milestones and get closer to the final goal. In this article, learn how to plant seeds and plants in Dinkum for abundant resources.

Things to know about sowing seeds in Dinkum

When first moving to the island, the player must start over and build a new community from scratch. Dinkum does this without forcing the player to follow a certain path, and although farming is a major feature of the game, gamers still have options on how they want to accomplish it.

Before the player can start planting seeds, the player must have Excavation License (costs 500 Permit Points) and buy a shovel from the shop owner – John, or get Farming License (250 Permit Point) and bought a pickaxe from Rayne, one of the tourists on the island.

Both types of licenses can be applied by talking to Fletch in Tent Base. Permit Points can be earned by completing milestones. Players can find information about milestones and corresponding rewards in the handbook.

How to find the seeds

After getting the correct license and tools for farming, the player can start sowing seeds. Seeds can be obtained by purchasing from Rayne or by cutting down trees, bushes, etc. by obtaining a Logging License and an ax from John.

Planting trees near the base tent can make it easier to gather materials for various buildings in town.

How to sow seeds with a shovel

Using a shovel will require a bit more investment as more permits are required to cut down endemic plant species. Here are the steps to sow seeds with a shovel:

  • Find any location on the ground that has no trees or buildings on it.
  • Select the shovel from the list of tools.
  • Dig a hole by right clicking (the soil will stay in the shovel even if something else is selected).
  • Choose the seeds to plant (only one seed at a time).
  • Drop the seed into the hole by clicking Q.
  • Reselect the shovel and right-click to backfill the hole.

How to sow seeds with a hoe

If the goal is farming then plowing will provide all sorts of useful products that can be consumed or sold for Dinks. To sow seeds with a hoe, follow these steps:

  • Start looking for an open field to cultivate.
  • Select pickaxe from the list of tools.
  • Dig the soil by right-clicking.
  • Choose seeds.
  • Drop the seeds into the plowed soil.
  • Select the hoe again and right click to seed.

Players can use a hose to water or rain to help the seeds germinate and grow faster.

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