Instructions for downloading and playing Stickman AFK on your computer

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Stickman AFK The Dark League is an idle game of generals is being watched and played by a large number of people today. When participating in this game, we will lead a team of stickmen to adventure, fight with enemies and collect a lot of treasures. In addition, in this game, you will summon characters and arrange them in your squad, but the characters in the game will be divided into 6 factions and each other, including: Strength – Intelligence – Courage – Life – Light.

However, currently, the game Stickman AFK has only been officially released on Android and iOS versions, so you want to discover more interesting things by playing this game on your computer, but this game does not support it. Official version on PC. To be able to play this game on the computer, we need to download and install the game on the PC using Android emulators. Today, will introduce the article instructions to download and play Stickman AFK game on computer using LDPlayerwe invite you to consult.

How to download and play Stickman AFK game on your computer with LDPlayer

Instructions for installing Stickman AFK game on LDPlayer

Quick start Guide:

Open the emulator LDPlayer on your computer > Click on search box > Enter a keyword and search for the game”Stickman AFK” > Tap the button Setting > Click the button Play and start playing the game.

Detailed instructions:

Step 1: First, we will Open Android emulator – LDPlayer on your computer.

Step 2: At the main interface of the software, click on search box at the top of the screen.

Click on the search box

Step 3: Next, please enter the game name “Stickman AFKthen click the . button Enter.

Enter game name "Sitckman AFK"

Step 4: Immediately the screen switches to the game download interface on Google Playclick the button Setting.

Click on the Install button

Step 5: Wait a moment for the game to finish loading, then press the . button Play and start playing the game.

Click the Play button

Instructions to play Stickman AFK game on PC with LDPlayer

Quick start Guide:

Log in to your Stickman AFK game account or click the . button Play now > Tap the button Change server > Select any server > Click on the button Begin > Click the button Go to war > Select the character to join the battle > Click the . button Duel > Start the battle > Click the button Confirm to get rewards at the end of the match.

Detailed instructions:

Step 1: At this point, we will login game account Stickman AFK or if you don’t want to log in, then click on the . button Play now.

Login game account

Step 2: Next, please click on the . button Change Server, to set up the server for the account game account.

Step 3: At this time, the window frame Change Server will be displayed on the screen, choose any server that you want to participate in.

Step 4: Return to the server setup interface, click the . button Begin.

Step 5: At the main interface of the game at this time, click on the button Out of War.

Step 6: Afterward, character selection that you want to join the battle, and then click the . button Duel.

Step 7: Starting into the battle, your character will fight and destroy the enemy, win.

Step 8: Finally, when you have won, the screen will show the rewards that you will receive, press the button Confirmto get the item back to the bag.

Video tutorial for playing Stickman AFK

Hopefully, after following this article, you can easily and quickly download and install Stickman AFK game on your computer with LDPlayer emulator software, from which you can freely explore many interesting things. taste this game.

Wishing you success!

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