Instructions for creating a village in Minecraft 1.19

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Villagers are useful passive mobs. Players can use emeralds to trade with them for rare items like diamond armor or enchanted wine bottles. However, finding a village can be difficult, especially if you’re playing on a randomly generated world that doesn’t use seeds. Players can refer to Tips to find the best village and seed the best village for Minecraft 1.19 to make this process easier.

In addition, gamers can also apply the simplest solution is to create their own village. In this article, let’s learn how to create a village in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update and enjoy the benefits of owning it.

Subjugate the villagers

There are 2 ways to get villagers from the Overworld: kidnapping from the village and curing a zombie villager.

Kidnapped from a village

First, the player needs to get the villagers on board by pushing or steering the boat towards them. The villagers won’t leave until the boat breaks down.

Push the boat to the location where you want to build a village. Boats can still move on flat ground without water.

Heal a zombie villager

Zombie villagers can usually be found in abandoned villages, igloo basements, or sometimes anywhere in the Overworld.

The player should first create a pit 2/3 block deep to trap them, then heal with a Weakness potion and a golden apple. Cover the zombie villagers with a canopy first if needed, as they will burn in the sunlight.

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The basement of the igloo has a zombie villager and a cleric, which can be cured to create 2 villagers instantly.

How to create a village in Minecraft

In general, a villager needs to stay in a house to be protected from hostile threats like zombies. The only requirement for a house is a bed.

Simple tent

This is for players who want villagers to start farming or have low supplies.

Just put a bed and wait for a villager to come and sleep on it. Build a wall around the bed then place some torches and a working block.

Livestock tents

This is an easy way to group villagers so they can spawn and multiply.

  • Set up 10 beds, then set a bell so the villagers can gather.
  • Place at least 1 Composter for at least one villager to accept becoming a farmer.
  • Dig a hole and fill it with water, then create some farmland and give the farmer seeds (wheat, sugar beets, potatoes or carrots) so they can grow and harvest crops. Sharing food with other villagers helps them to multiply.

Trading lobby

The trading hall was an advanced villager’s housing unit, consisting of several villages to facilitate exchange and trade. When entering and exiting, players should block with iron doors or fence gates to avoid escape and the whole building should be fully lit.

The core of a trading hall is the villager’s locker, where the player keeps the villagers. They need at least 4 blocks per floor: 2 for a bed, 1 for work, and 1 for standing villagers. The ventilation space should be between the head of the bed and the fence gate.

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The ceiling should be 3 blocks high to allow the iron golems to move around and the villagers to grow. The player can separate the chambers with walls or just leave them open so the villagers can spawn freely.

Build a defensive layer for the village

Since artificial villages can be attacked by zombie sieges or raided by invaders, it is also necessary for the player to build a defense for it.

The bigger the village, the easier it is to be besieged by zombies. For a zombie siege to happen, there must be at least 10 beds or 20 villagers and the player must be present in the village.

First, place at least one bell and make sure it’s in the safest place in the village. The player can activate the bell in the event of an attack to rally the villagers to a defensible point.

Then light up the area inside the village to minimize the number of hostile mobs that spawn at night. Build walls around the base and players can add as many other defenses as they like.

The best defense mechanism for the village

Iron Golems: If the player can collect enough iron ingots and pumpkins, placing iron golems in bulk is the perfect defense.

Cactus: deals damage to all mobs on contact.

Lava/magma/burning netherrack: ignites mobs on contact, dealing heavy damage.

Cobweb/Soul Sand: mobs are greatly slowed in Soul Sand and stuck in Cobweb. From there it will be easy to destroy them.

Waterfall flowing: by using the overhang, the player can let the waterfall run down the wall of the base.

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