Instructions for creating a Minecraft server using Aternos

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Creating a Minecraft server is a nightmare as gamers have to download files, set up code and a lot of other things for the server to work. The massive amount of work required to create a custom Minecraft server makes players reluctant to partake in the game’s multiplayer adventures, even though it’s the most enjoyable way to experience Minecraft.

But now it’s time to put an end to this nightmare with this tutorial on how to create a free Minecraft server for Java and Bedrock versions using Aternos, making it easy for players to step into a fun multiplayer experience. .

Instructions for creating a Minecraft server using Aternos

How to create a Minecraft server with Artenos

Aternos is a completely free and customizable server provider that serves an average of 750k Minecraft players per day. It supports mods, automatic backups and works with both Java and Bedrock versions.

Sign up for an Aternos . account

Step 1: To get started, open the Aternos official website and click the . button Play in the bottom right corner.

Step 2: On the next page that opens, users need to create an Aternos account to get started. People can use Google or Facebook to register, or press the . button Sign up to create an account without using your social network credentials.

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Step 3: If choose Sign up, people need to enter a username, then accept the privacy policy and terms of service by enabling the buttons next to them. Then click the button next to continue.

Step 4: Next, set a password for your server and share an email address to recover your password in case you forget it. Press the button Sign up to complete.

Create a free Minecraft server using Aternos

Once an account has been successfully created, Aternos will provide the option to create a new server with the following steps:

Step 1: Click the button first Create a server in the middle of the screen.

Step 2: Click on 1 of the 2 server creation options for the instance Minecraft Bedrock nice Minecraft Java.

There is also the option to change the hostname and add a welcome message when selecting the pencil icon next to these sections. When you are done with the information, click Create to complete the free Minecraft server setup.

Step 3: The server is now ready to use, click the button Start to start the server, but haven’t started playing on it.

There are a few small tweaks that gamers need to make before they can go on adventures in Minecraft or run survival seed with their friends.

Customize Minecraft Servers on Aternos

To change basic server settings, click Options in the left panel. Here it is possible to adjust basic properties such as game mode, difficulty and spawn settings for some entities.

Then go to section Players and list the usernames you want to ban or whitelist in your server. This feature can be useful later, especially when multiplayer joins the server.

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With section Worlds, players can upload their existing Minecraft worlds as .zip files. There is also the option to download the world from its online server.

How to connect and join an online Minecraft server

Now that the newly created server is up and running, the only thing left to do is invite some friends, join the server and play Minecraft. The process of connecting online is the same on all Minecraft platforms. So, follow the steps below to join and play on the free online multiplayer Minecraft server.

To get started, go to the server’s homepage and make sure the server version is the same as the version of Minecraft you’re playing.

Then manually copy the server address by clicking copy icon next to.

Now click the button Start if not already and open Minecraft on PC, console or mobile device.

After the game loads up, click the option Multiplayer from the Minecraft homepage.

On the multiplayer screen, click the . button Direct Connection at the bottom.

Here enter the server address that everyone copied from Aternos and click the . button Join Server to join and start playing the game.

Wait for the game to connect to the server for a few minutes and everyone can start playing Minecraft with their friends from cross-platform.

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