Instructions for completing the Pub area in Untitled Goose Game

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Untitled Goose Game is a short puzzle game that allows the player to control a goose trying to destroy a small village. After passing the Garden, High Street, and Back Garden in the Untitled Goose Game, the player will switch to Pubthe most complex area of ​​the game.

Here, the player has to face many villagers and perform the most difficult tasks. Therefore to help players pass this place easily, the article will Instructions on how to complete the Pub area in Untitled Goose Game.

Into the pub

If you want to take a stealthy approach, head up on the hatches behind the truck and interact with the box to get inside. Then the delivery man will pick up the box and bring it inside, and the goose can jump out at any time. Alternatively, simply sprint past the burly man at the entrance, distracting him first with a whistle if necessary.

Break the dart board

Wait for the old man to play darts, then honk the horn just as he is about to throw the darts to break the board.

Get the toy boat

The toy boat sits in the sink at the back of the pub patio area, and gamers need to turn the faucet on the right side to fill it with water to gain access to the boat. If the woman who works at the pub sees the sink is full, she turns off the faucet, so let her distract her until it’s full and then grab the toy boat.

Make the old man fall back

To make the old man fall back in the Untitled Goose Game, wait in the beer garden until he is about to sit on his stool, then interact with it and drag it for a while. The trick here is to pull firmly away, because if the stool is too close behind, he will notice and not fall.

Got a flower

Stand on a manhole cover next to a picnic bench with the 2 women, then copy the actions they take to receive flowers. In order, do the honk, crouch forward and spread your wings.

Steal the glass and drop it in the canal

There are several glasses on the patio table, so get one then take it to the canal that can be found across the street from the pub entrance and drop it in. The goose hides under the stairs to the porch near the entrance and rings the horn, the burly man should go upstairs to investigate, giving the player time to rush out and cross the street.

Table setting (knife, fork, plate, pepper, candle)

This quest requires finding items around the tavern and arranging them beautifully on the table in the back. The player can find the saucer in the back room and all the silverware are in the patio area in different locations.

The pepper is near the top of the patio area and the candles are at the bottom. Take all of them undetected and put them on the table to complete the quest.

Throw the bucket on the muscular man’s head

In the storage area at the back of the tavern, take some tomatoes out of the crate and drop them on the floor nearby. Now go to the front of the pub and get the burly man’s attention, then let him chase you to the back of the tavern.

Dash through the aisle into the storage area, then honk his horn to get attention and he’ll go through the gate to investigate. While he’s picking up tomatoes and putting them back in the crate, run to the upper patio area and interact with the bucket to drop it on his head.

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