Instructions for collecting crystals in ARK: Survival Evolved

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Crystals are a very versatile resource in ARK: Survival Evolved as they can be used to craft devices, electronic components, or even explosives. This makes players crave possession of this crystal and luckily there are many ways to collect them.

Since Crystals can be found scattered all over the place, it is best for players to find a growing area that has a lot of things, rather than roaming around different places to mine them. This article will Instructions on how to collect crystals in ARK: Survival Evolved including the area where they appear, how to exploit and use them.

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Location of crystals in ARK: Survival Evolved

Regardless of which map you’re on in ARK: Survival Evolved, crystals tend to spawn the most on mountain tops, as well as in caves and snow biomes. Therefore, these are the places that players should look first if they want to mine crystals.

Although their most common form is in the form of white plumes, Crystals can also be found in stalactites and stalagmites of caves.

If you don’t want to search manually, you can view the highly detailed interactive map for more location-specific information regarding crystals, and other types of resources.

A great place to remember to collect crystals is a mountain to the northeast of The Island map called The Frozen Tooth (Latitude 35; Longitude 58). There are many white crystals growing on the top of the mountain, however, because the slopes are very steep, the best way to get there and return conveniently is by flying.

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How to collect crystals in ARK: Survival Evolved

Most players will only use a pickaxe of some kind to harvest crystals, however, this is not the only option, in fact, it is not even the most efficient option.

The 2 creatures that can allow the player to collect the most crystals in are Dunkleosteus and Ankylosaurus. These animals are much better optimized for collecting and have tons of Crystals in their inventory, so be sure to consider bringing one of these creatures with you when you go crystal farming.

However, getting Dunkleosteus or Ankylosaurus up a steep mountain or into a deep cave is not easy, so players may have to sacrifice a bit of crystal farming efficiency in exchange for convenience on the go.

Although it collects less Crystals than even a standard metal pickaxe, this creature is still very useful for harvesting crystal shards. The lack of gathering efficiency is offset by the fact that they move much faster than most other creatures.

Gamers can move between crystal farm points much faster without having to climb down, compensating for lower crystal output by speeding up and boosting the need to travel between points.

How to use crystals in ARK: Survival Evolved

Crystals are an important ingredient for crafting the following ARK: Survival Evolved items:

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