Instructions and synthesis of crafting recipes in ARK: Survival Evolved

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From the first day in ARK: Survival Evolved, players have had to continuously craft to stay alive. From food to tools and high-end items, everyone must quickly master the key materials to fight off the dangers and countless large dinosaurs in the environment.

However, mastering basic crafting skills is not enough. The more you play, the more items will be needed and the crafting process must be faster for the character to keep up. In this article, learn everything there is to know about crafting and repairing in ARK: Survival Evolved to make survival in the game world easy.

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Instructions for crafting in ARK: Survival Evolved

Use hotbar to save time

In ARK: Survival Evolved there are situations where time is of the essence. Even without facing a dangerous animal or enemy, the player can quickly craft certain items, such as food, without having to go through the menu. Inventory.

This is thanks to the hotbar, where the player can place both Engram and crafted items. If an Engram is clicked after placing it in one of the empty slots in the hotbar, the character will immediately begin crafting the corresponding item. Once completed, the item will be placed in the first available hotbar slot.

If one of the items on the hotbar is damaged during use (for example, if the Stone Pick is damaged while mining), the gamer can press the shortcut to have the character initiate the repair, provided have the right materials.

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Crafting on the go

Very few players know that the character does not need to be stationary while crafting. While a bit impractical, it’s entirely possible for the character to move around and gather materials while crafting a new item. The only downside is that the speed will be greatly reduced.

People can also line up multiple items to be crafted so they don’t have to go through the Inventory menu multiple times in a row. People can even line up up to 5 different Engrams.

Crafting speed doubled

The only way to significantly increase crafting speed when crafting from stock is to cook and eat Focal Chilli according to the recipe: 9 cooked meat, 5 citronal, 20 amarberry, 20 azulberry, 20 tintoberry, and 10 mejoberry.

Players will have to find the right nuts and berries, as well as start their first farm before they can mass-produce Focal Chilli, but the recipe is well worth the effort. When using Focal Chilli, the character will gain 25% Movement Speed ​​and 100% Crafting Speed ​​that applies to both inventory and station crafting.

Crafting faster with stations

There are 3 basic crafting stations in ARK: Survival Evolved with many reasons why people want to take advantage of them. While quite expensive to craft, Mortar & Pestle, Refining Forge, and Smithy unlock additional Engrams that the character can use to craft new useful items such as basic handguns.

More importantly, crafting at the station is slightly different from crafting from the inventory because the player does not need to be in the station while the items are being crafted. In other words, multiple stations can work at the same time, which greatly increases fabrication speed and output.

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Advanced crafting station for large volume of items

There are 5 advanced crafting stations in the game, each with unique, superior Engrams:

  • Fabricator allows the creation of advanced weapons, armor and ammunition.
  • Chemistry Bench craft all items with Mortar & Pestle in greater quantity and faster speed. It also unlocks a few new items.
  • Industrial Forge serves the same purpose as Refining Forge, but allows more materials to be processed at a faster rate.
  • Industrial Grill It has a large capacity and allows to grill several pieces of meat at the same time.
  • Idustrial Cooker enables mass production of Rockwell or custom recipes.

All of these stations are extremely expensive, have specific layout conditions, and require a lot of fuel to operate. However, if afforded enough, they can significantly improve the quality of life in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Fuel Refining Forge and Advanced Crafting Stations

All advanced crafting stations require fuel to function, which can be obtained from Refining Forge by mixing Oil and Hide. Meanwhile, Refining Forge is powered by Wood, Thatch or Sparkpowder and only Wood becomes Charcoal when used.

The thing to keep in mind when using Refining Forge or any advanced crafting station is that when turned on, they will consume fuel until turning them off, even if not producing anything at the time. there.

For example, if the Industrial Cooker is turned on, it will continue to use Gasoline even after cooking is complete, unless remember to turn it off.

Fuel is not easy to get in this game, so keep in mind every time you turn on one of these stations to avoid big losses.

Repair the item where it was created

All the items people create and use in ARK, including the materials used in their constructions, eventually wear out.

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So repair is an important part of survival in this game and gamers need both the right resources and stations to do it. Generally, players need to repair at the same station that created it.

For example, a spear made in the forge must be repaired in the forge, or a weapon made in the Fabricator must be repaired at the same station.

The only exceptions include items the player has created from his inventory, which can be repaired both from the inventory and the smithy. While both options are possible, repairs at the smithy will be faster.

Summary of crafting recipes in ARK: Survival Evolved

Items Recipe
Cooked Meat 1 Raw Meat and cooked on fire
Waterskin 4 Hide + 12 Fiber
Narcotic 5 Narcoberry + 1 Spoiled Meat
Stimulant 5 Stimberry + 2 Sparkpowder
Lazerus Chowder 3 Meat + 5 Savoroot + 5 Longrass + 1 Mejoberry + 1/2 Narcotic
Enduro Stew 3 Meat + 5 Rockarrot + 5 Savoroot + 1 Mejoberry + 1/2 Stimulant
Calien Soup 5 Citronal + 2 Tintoberry + 2 Amarberry + 1 Mejoberry + 1/2 Stimulant
Shadow Steak Saute 1 Prime Meat + 2 Mejoberry + 2 Narcotic + 2 Rare Mushrroms + 1 Savoroot + 1 Rockarrot
Battle Tartare 1 Prime Meat + 2 Mejoberry + 2 Stimulant + 2 Rare Flowers + 1 Citronal + 1 Longrass
Focal Chili 3 Meat + 5 Citronal + 2 Amarberry + 2 Azulberry + 2 Tintoberry + 1 Mejoberry
Fria Curry 5 Longrass + 5 Rockarrot + 2 Azulberry + 1 Mejoberry + 1/2 Narcotic
Sparkpowder 2 Flints + 1 Stone
Gunpowder 2 Sparkpowder + 1 Charcoal
Campfire 12 Thatch + 1 Flint + 16 Stone + 2 Wood
Thatch Foundation 20 Thatch + 6 Wood + 15 Fiber
Thatch Doorframe 8 Thatch + 6 Wood or Fungal Wood + 6 Fiber
Wooden Sign 5 Wood or Fungal Wood + 3 Thatch + 4 Fiber
Hide Sleeping Bag 25 Hide + 15 Fiber
Thatch Roof 15 Thatch + 4 Wood + 10 Fiber
Thatch Wall 10 Thatch + 2 Wood + 7 Fiber
Thatch Door 7 Thatch + 4 Fiber
Storage Box 25 Wood + 20 Thatch + 10 Fiber
Large Storage Box 50 Wood + 35 Thatch + 25 Fiber
Simple Bed 15 Wood + 80 Thatch + 30 Fiber + 40 Hide
Mortar and Pestle 65 Stone + 15 Hide
Flag 10 Wood or Fungal Wood + 100 Fiber + 20 Hide + 30 Thatch
Standing Torch 8 Thatch +1 Flint + 1 Stone + 3 Wood or Fungal Wood
Wooden Foundation 80 Wood or Fungal Wood + 20 Thatch + 15 Fiber
Wooden Wall 1 Fuel + 1 Full Waterskin + 1 Berry
Small Crop Plot 20 Wood + 10 Thatch + 15 Fiber + 25 Stone
Stone Irrigation Pipe – Straight 25 Stone
Stone Irrigation Pipe – Tap 10 Stone + 15 Wood or Fungal Wood

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