Inside The Backrooms Horror Game Tips

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Backroom is a particularly unique horror concept, and Inside The Backrooms showcases its creepy rhythm and atmosphere very well. Each level of the game reimagines famous aspects of the Backroom story, placing the player in seemingly familiar environments.

However, the game is designed with disturbing visuals, unusual emptiness, and horrible noises, which will make even the most hardcore horror game fans nervous. The constant sizzling sound from the lights on the first level makes everything especially chilling and it’s hard to describe the horror of opening the door, facing a mysterious entity.

Inside The Backrooms - Inside The Backrooms
Inside The Backrooms – Inside The Backrooms

Inside The Backroom mainly revolves around solving a series of puzzles, while avoiding the various entities roaming around the Backroom. However, things are not easy for players and successful dodging will require carefulness and inevitably mistakes. In this article, let’s find out the tips to know when playing Inside The Backrooms to survive and escape the scary Backroom.

Inside The Backrooms Horror Game Tips

Move cautiously, not in a hurry

Inside The Backrooms has rather harsh movement mechanics and allows players to sprint, but only for a very short amount of time before the fitness bar is exhausted. The walking speed in the game is a bit slow, but it’s better for everyone to be cautious when going through the levels. The environment will be very strange and things may not always go as expected.

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Entities can often be found in unexpected places or appear suddenly with little warning. In these cases, running may be the only way to avoid death, and a player with no stamina will inevitably suffer the consequences.

Use items sparingly

Inside The Backroom provides players with 2 main forms of fitness enhancement, which is almond milk for health supplements and anti-anxiety drugs to control alertness. Both are essential, as almond milk will help the player survive when health declines. Similarly, if panic or fear is too high, continuing becomes extremely difficult because the screen is dimmed, causing significant impairment of vision and movement.

Players will find that these 2 items will quickly become very valuable, so make sure not to waste them. Try not to use unless absolutely necessary and ensure health and sanity as much as possible to successfully escape.

Explore the areas thoroughly

It is important for the player to take the time to fully explore the levels while in the Backroom. The game levels are extremely detailed with a scary yet impressive environment and are worth looking around. Investigating the available areas in detail helps to add to the atmosphere a lot of suspense and makes the game even scarier.

In addition, there are hidden things around that gamers need to find, often in corners and spaces that are easily overlooked. Usually, this will be a source of health and sanity supplements. The supplies found by exploring the area will be extremely useful and will be a lifesaver to save the player from death.

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Stick with friends

While Inside The Backroom can be played solo, teaming up with friends is a lot of fun as everyone tries to evade supernatural entities. The mysterious and maze-like nature of many of the environments players explore means it’s easier to separate from friends, especially in the first levels, where gamers will quickly figure out exactly what to do. location, even where people have been.

For those who play co-op, great care must be taken not to separate from each other. Being separated makes things much more difficult, and the possibility of an entity attacking isolated players is higher than if everyone was trying to go together. If players split, make sure to review everyone’s moves to find each other as soon as possible.

Listen for unusual noises

The first sign that an entity is nearby will often be a distinct noise of some kind that they make as they roam around the Backrooms. It is important for players to stay away from these noises, as there is a very small window to escape entities when they are close.

This can be a bit complicated, as the game constantly emits background noise to keep players safe, but the noises made by the mysterious entities are quite clear, distinct, and not too difficult to identify. determined.

Thoroughly examine the quizzes

Some of the puzzles the player will have to solve to progress can be a bit complicated, but no puzzle is so difficult that it can’t be completed. Each problem will be solved with logic and a few minutes of thinking, especially easier if playing with friends. Most importantly, the game provides gamers with the information needed to solve puzzles, which are simply sought.

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Thorough examination of the areas around the puzzles will reveal clues that will help the player find the answer. For example, the elevator puzzle may seem odd, but it’s not hard to find the answer if you look a little closer at the nearby walls.

Read the notes carefully

Scattered around the game’s levels will be various drawers, often filled with supplies, with special attention to notes, files explaining various aspects, and detailed information about entities. . Be sure to read these notes carefully, as they will definitely make a difference to surviving Inside The Backrooms.

For example, many files about entities contain descriptions of how to tell when they are nearby or instructions on how to deal with certain entities. Some entities behave very differently and respond to player actions in different ways, so it’s important to try and learn about them as much as possible.

Run fast if found out

While it sounds obvious, keep in mind that players cannot fight entities in Inside The Backrooms. For most encounters, the best option is to always run fast and find a safe place to hide.

Fortunately, this won’t be too difficult if the player can see or hear the incoming entities before they get too close. There are a few exceptions, for example a four-legged crawling entity that can scare away if the player holds its own, but there’s no real way to do damage or kill the entity.

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