Inside horror puzzle game tips for beginners

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Inside is a puzzle adventure indie game. It takes the journey of a hunted, lonely and seemingly abandoned boy in a vast world. It incorporates a lot of dark storytelling elements and as things unfold, people will learn about the project the protagonist is a part of.

The game doesn’t hold back in terms of action, it builds tension through the mystery of the game’s world. Inside has some really disturbing scenes with puzzles that are both entertaining and frustratingly difficult. In this article, let’s find out tips for playing Inside for beginners, help everyone get off to a good start and successfully solve all the mysteries.

Experience the game in a simple way

Although Inside’s puzzles are still quite challenging, it’s really not to the point of making gamers struggle for hours. This game is very simple, it takes 4-5 hours to complete without any instructions. During playtime, everyone can collect all 14 achievements.

Despite some intense chase scenes, Inside doesn’t include any combat. So it’s important to be familiar with the controls. The game does not provide instructions or explain the controls, as they are easy to figure out:

  • Need to the right (Xbox, PlayStation) – Forward or backward
  • A (Xbox)/X (PlayStation) – Dance
  • REMOVE (Xbox)/Round (PlayStation) – Interactive (use in conjunction with ) Need to the right to move items around).

Search for collectibles

There will be hidden collections throughout the game called Secrets. There are 13 Secrets in total and the player will get 1 achievement for each item collected.

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They are black spheres with protruding strings, collected by interacting with them. The player can do this by holding (REMOVE) and move away (OFFER) when it is necessary to separate them.

Look for other achievements

In total, there are 14 achievements, with the majority being Secrets that need to be collected. However, a Secret, as well as the ultimate achievement can only be unlocked through special circumstances.

Furthermore, collecting the Ultimate Secret by destroying the orb will be the only way to access the ultimate achievement. The final achievement will be credited by unlocking the real ending and ending the game.

It should be noted that gamers can collect all 14 achievements before the end of the game. Once they have been collected, there will still be 15-20 minutes of the game left. Finishing the game from this point on is completely up to the player.

How to unlock 2 endings

The game has two endings. One is the standard ending that is obtained when completing the experience without unlocking all achievements. If you don’t care about unlocking these, the game becomes much simpler.

The second ending is the real ending. It can only be accessed when the last achievement has been unlocked. Furthermore, the player must also have all 13 Secrets, or else it will not be possible to power the final orb to unlock the true ending.

While an achievement will unlock this ending, the player will not receive another achievement to gain access to the alternate ending.

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