Idle Office Tycoon: Effective office building strategies

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Idle Office Tycoon is an idle game, with the goal of building an office and filling it with various companies to maximize profits. This article will provide some tips and strategies to help newbies make money and grow their office space quickly in Idle Office Tycoon.

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Idle Office Tycoon: Effective office building strategies

Open many new offices

First, the player needs to open more offices, the more rooms there are, the more companies will come to contract to work in the building. However, this requires in-game cash to work, so at first when the incoming cash flow is low, it may take a bit longer for the gamer to open a new room.

In this early stage, players only need to make upgrades to open the office and keep the employees happy. Absolutely do not perform unnecessary upgrades as it will drain your budget and wait before you can make the necessary upgrades to continue.

For example, if the office only needs level 1 desks then don’t upgrade them to level 2 as this will cost more money and initially the gamer needs to focus on opening more rooms, instead of just maximizing one room .

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Monitor energy usage

The office building will only function well if there is enough energy to run the building. Players can check energy usage, on the amount of excess power available, by reading the number to the right of the power latch at the top of the screen. When this number approaches 10, gamers will really need to upgrade their building’s energy.

To upgrade, look for the energy room located on the top right of the building, and there the player can add more generators or level them up to meet the building’s energy needs. .

Notice the dancing man

Outside the office building, a red car will stop regularly and the dancing man will appear. Click on him to see the bonus bonus, normally will need to see an ad. The in-game cash is an important one to grow though, especially early in the game when rental income is pretty low.

Check your to-do list

This is the icon at the bottom right of the game. If there is an exclamation mark on it, it means the player needs to make a request. Often gamers can double their rewards by watching ads. It’s also a good idea to check from time to time to see if there’s something on your to-do list to complete it and get rewarded.

Even upgrade

Just like not making unnecessary upgrades, gamers should also upgrade their offices in a balanced way. For example, don’t upgrade to a level 4 desk until all others are level 3. Unless, of course, having a single level 4 desk is an employee specific request.

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Add toilets and upgrade them

While this doesn’t add to profits, a good restroom will allow the building to function efficiently and help retain employees. So, as soon as new offices can be added, continue to add facilities for the toilets on the first floor.

Check WeChat

At the bottom center of the screen, the player will see a device, click on it and see the important applications. An important app to check out is WeChat, whose important interactions with people sometimes lead to important game information or free rewards.

More meeting room

This is another important room, which will be unlocked after there are about 4 working rooms, it gives more efficiency to employees and companies will add EXP obtained.

Set up technical department

As soon as it is available to unlock, add the engineering department and all its facilities to level 1. This will greatly help the smooth running of all the offices in building and if something goes wrong, they go and fix it automatically.

Monitor employee satisfaction

In a specific room, tap on the employee icon, this will show the employee’s current status. This is directly related to the Facility Requirements listed above the employee icon. To ensure that employees are happy and productive, gamers need to ensure that the office they are working in meets their requirements.

Move position

After you have unlocked all the rooms in the building and reached a certain level, you will be asked to move to a new location. Here, players can start over but with much better earning potential. Save and make this upgrade as soon as possible.

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