How to unlock endings in The Bathhouse

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The Bathhouse is the latest VHS-style horror game released by Chilla’s Art, and like many of their previous titles, it offers the terrifying thrill of being faced with unexpected horrors, with 2 possible outcome.

The story begins when the player character, Maina Akimura, finds a new job at a bathhouse, in a remote mountain village. The employee was offered free accommodation, but there was no shower, leaving her with no choice but to shower at work after her shift.

Horror game that simulates Japanese public baths - The Bathhouse
Horror game that simulates Japanese public baths – The Bathhouse

After obtaining the keys from her landlord and meeting the monk at the local temple, Maina began her first week of work. Unfortunately, the vengeful ghost haunting the bathroom quickly turned aggressive, stalking her while working and bathing. Before the end of the first week, Maina was dragged into the bathtub by the spirit and killed, making it impossible for the character to survive in this strange solo horror game.

The player then takes on the role of Maina’s sister, Erena, who works at the bathhouse shortly after arriving in the village in search of Maina. The ghost attacks Erena at the end of her first shift, but the player’s actions on the last day of the game will determine the outcome of her story. The Bathhouse has 2 possible endings – a good ending and a bad ending.

How to unlock the bad ending

The Bathhouse’s bad ending seems to be the default ending of the game, leading to a rather grim fate for Erena. Assuming the player can’t unlock the only happy ending, Erena will be chased by the spirit and pass out in her apartment, and the landlord takes her inside the bathhouse’s furnace.

Erena’s death is the final part of the monk’s summoning ritual that, when completed, frees the soul from the bathhouse before the credit runs.

How to unlock the happy ending

To unlock The Bathhouse, players will need to find the key to the door in the steam room of the bathhouse before taking a shower at the end of Erena’s first shift. To the left of the boiler room ovens is a set of tongs, which can be used to search each stove. The key to the door can be found in the oven on the far right.

Open the door leading to a small area where the player will find a Dead by Daylight-style trapdoor on the ground. Inside, a man was chained to a pole in a small room. Nearby bolt cutters give the player the option to free him.

Freeing this mysterious man is the only way to unlock the happy ending, which reveals the rest of the story behind the cursed village in The Bathhouse.

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