How to play Sons of the Forest with friends

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Sons of the Forest is a brutal survival horror experience that makes even the most experienced gamer sweat.

The game is expected to continue what players have come to love about The Forest, while adding some cool features and accessibility options, as well as a more sophisticated AI system for enemies and enemies. ally. Sons of the Forest players won’t have to deal with the dangers of the jungle alone, thanks to online co-op to team up with other players.

Teaming up with friends is a great way to survive in Sons of the Forest
Teaming up with friends is a great way to survive in Sons of the Forest

Solo players will have the help of 2 AI companions, Kelvin and later Virginia. Although AI has improved significantly, there are still many challenges to surviving in the wild and fending off the mutant cannibals who have made the remote uninhabited island their home.

The multiplayer features were definitely a factor in the success of the first game, so it’s a welcome addition to Sons of the Forest. In this article, learn what you need to know when playing Sons of the Forest online with your friends.

How to play Sons of The Forest with friends

Sons of the Forest has 2 options to play online: host a server or join an existing server. After starting the game, gamers can access both options from the start screen by selecting Multiplayer on the bottom menu.

To start hosting a new serverPlease choose Hostthen tap New Game. This will bring up server customization options, including the world name, the number of players allowed, and whether the server is open or not. Next, consolidate these settings by clicking Start and invite any Steam friends to the server.

To join an available serverthe player can accept the invitation directly from the server or view any open server by clicking Join. If a Steam friend with an available server is online, they’ll appear at the top of the list and gamers can join quickly. Just like when playing solo, the player will watch the intro and crash wherever the host did the first time he joins.

This will be the spawn point until the game is saved and wherever the player saves will be the next spawn point when leaving the game. The host server is responsible for storing the progress of the world, such as the build process, mutants killed, and the number of days survived. New entrants must save the game to maintain character progress, such as crafting or obtaining resources.

The server’s host and other players will appear on the screen and the GPS, marked with the initials of the player’s name, at their current location. In a co-op session there will be up to 8 players, with a minimum of 2 to start.

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