How to play BTS-themed balloon smash game on Google Search

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BTS group themed balloon smashing game is an extremely interesting game in Google Search on the browser application of phones and computers that is being played by a lot of young people today. When participating in this mini game, how do you explode a lot of purple balloons, especially when blowing up the balloons with a microphone inside, now the screen displays an effect with a congratulatory saying with the voice of any member of the BTS group. Therefore, today will introduce the steps to take Join the BTS-themed balloon smash game on Google Search on computers and phones.

Google Search is a feature that supports quick information search on Google. In particular, to welcome an important event, Google Search has released many interesting mini-games to entertain users while using Google. Here, we invite you to follow the article Instructions to play BTS themed balloons on Google Search are very simple.

How to play BTS-themed balloon smash game on Google Search

Instructions for playing BTS-themed balloon smashing game on Google Search using a computer

Quick start Guide:

Go to Google Search on your computer > Enter keyword “BTS” > Press the button Enter > Click on purple balloon images > Click on the balloon to explode > Click “X” symbol or share icon.

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Detailed instructions:

Step 1: First, we will Go to Google Search on your computer’s browser.

Step 2: In the interface of Google SearchEnter keywords “BTS” in the search box, then press the . button Enter.

Enter keywords

Step 3: On the search results page, click on purple balloons next to the information of the BTS group.

Click on the purple balloon

Step 4: At this time, the colored balloons will fly up from the bottom of the screen. Click on each balloon to pop it.

Click on the balloon to explode

If you explode the ball with microphone Inside, the screen will display a notification effect containing extremely impressive sayings in the voices of the members of the BTS group.

Exploding a balloon with a microphone inside

Step 5: To exit this mini game, we will click on symbol “X””, or click on share icon to send the link of this smashing game to friends and relatives to play.

Click on the symbol

Instructions to join the balloon smashing game on Google Search by phone

Quick start Guide:

Open the browser application on the phone > Go to the Google Search page > Enter keywords “BTS” > Touch magnifying glass icon > Click purple balloon images > Tap each balloon to explode > Touch share icon and “X” symbol.

Detailed instructions:

Step 1: First open any browser application on your phone. Then access the feature Google Search.

Step 2: In the search box of Google Search, enter the keyword “BTSthen press magnifying glass icon in the keyboard section.

Step 3: In the search interface at this time, click purple balloon image.

Step 4: Now a lot of balloons will appear on the screen, let’s touch each ball to explode.

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When blowing up the ball with microphone Inside, you will see a congratulatory effect along with the voice of BTS members.

Step 5: Press “X” symbolto exit this mini game, or tap share iconto send the affiliate link for everyone to play.

Exit or share the mini game's affiliate link

Above are the steps to play the BTS-themed balloon smashing game on Google Search, hopefully after following this article, you can easily and quickly join the very interesting BTS-themed mini-game on the browser of your phone and computer.

Wishing you success!

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