How to make money in Resident Evil 4 Remake

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In Resident Evil 4 Remake money is Pesetas, to get Pesetas we will perform the following requirements to get Pesetas as quickly as possible. Please follow the detailed instructions on how to make money in Resident Evil 4 Remake according to the instructions below.

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Mining gems bonus

Table showing all gem rewards in Resident evil 4 remake.

Mining gems bonus
Mining gems bonus

Exchange Spinel for Treasure

Flipping tradable treasures is a great way to make money. The seller offers some valuables in exchange for Spinel. These items have no gems, which means players can decorate and resell them for a higher price.

Hunting and fishing in Chapters 3 and 4

Kill as many crows, vipers and black bass as you can. These animals can drop money or can be sold at the Merchant website for profit.

Crafting, Selling Ammo, Herbs

Traders pay well for herbs and ammunition. Mining Resources by crafting and selling ammo, green or red-yellow-green three-color potion.


Crafting herbs
Crafting herbs

Selling old weapons

Resell early game guns for quick cash. Merchants pay for weapon upgrades, so getting rid of unused guns makes a lot of sense.

Selling unused keys

Leon keeps all the keys that he uses to open the door. But players can make a profit from selling unnecessary things.

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