How to find enchanted golden apples in Minecraft

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Enchanted golden apples in Minecraft are hard to find, but they are extremely useful. This article will show you how to find and use them.

The enchanted golden apple is the rarest item in Minecraft. They give users a wide range of boosts to help them in the most difficult situations, from PVP battles to boss fights, even falling into lava. Because of this, players always want to find more of these magical golden apples.

Where there are golden apples

An enchanted golden apple is commonly known as the Notch Apple, after a famous Minecraft developer. Unlike the regular golden apple, it cannot be crafted. Players need to loot chests to find them.

An enchanted golden apple commonly known as the Notch Apple

List of chests that can have enchanted golden apples

List of chests that can have enchanted golden apples

From this list stand out the ruins of Bastion and Ancient City. Ruins have a higher drop rate than normal buildings, but only the Treasure chest in its vault can spawn it.

Ancient City is pretty much the best place to get enchanted golden apples, with a very high spawn rate of 8.4%, along with a higher spawn count. It also makes sense that the player will face a much more dangerous enemy in Ancient City, the Warden.

The effect of the enchanted golden apple

To eat an enchanted golden apple, tap and hold it in the hotbar.

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The Golden Apple provides:

  • 4 hunger points and 9.6 saturation.
  • IV absorption for 2 minutes provides 8 golden hearts (absorbed health, stacked on regular red hearts)
  • Regenerate level II in Java Version or V in Bedrock Edition in 30 seconds, equivalent to 8 hearts in Java and 50 hearts in Bedrock.
  • Fire Resistance I for 5 minutes (immune to fire, lava, magma blocks, bonfires, and fire ranged attacks).
  • Resistance I (20% damage reduction from all sources except void) for 5 minutes.

Great use of golden apples

Healing before or during a tough battle

As the regeneration takes place over a half-minute period, using the enchanted golden apple before a fight will be a great defense and can keep you from getting killed by strong attacks. Resistance and Absorption effects contribute to this process.

The effect is much stronger in Bedrock – 50 hearts in 30 seconds is unthinkable.

Create banners

Players need an enchanted golden apple to create a banner with the old logo of Mojang Studio.

Players need an enchanted golden apple to create a banner with the old logo of Mojang Studio

Horse Breeding

While enchanted apples can certainly be used to tame, breed, and speed up horses, it’s best to use other golden fruits like normal golden apples or normal carrots.

Unlock achievements

On PS4, eating an enchanted golden apple and using it to create a banner will unlock the achievement. It is also needed to thrive in Breeding and Balanced Eating.

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