How to change the cover image of the game Profile Play Together VNG

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After updating to the new version in the past time, the game Play Toghether VNG has added a lot of extremely interesting features to the players, one of which must be mentioned: more Profile photo mine. Taking and posting pictures of your house on Profile, will help attract other players to visit your house when holding a party, from which they will rate more stars for themselves. However, this is a new feature of the game, so a lot of players don’t know how to do it Add cover photo to Play Together VNG game account information?

Play Together VNG is one of the role-playing games, simulating life with extremely beautiful graphics, being played by many people on phones today. In particular, in the game we can comfortably participate in activities such as: fishing, going to school, playing mini games, attending house parties, raising pets,… Today, will introduce everyone to the article Instructions to change the cover image of the game Profile Play Together VNGwe invite you to consult.

Instructions for taking and posting photos on Profile on Play Together VNG

Quick start Guide:

Open and log in the game Play Together VNG > Enter your game house > Tap phone icon > Tap the item My information > Click camera icon > Touch the button Take a photo > Click white circle icon > Press the button Post a cover photo > Touch the button Confirm > Added Profile cover art in Play Together VNG.

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Detailed instructions:

Step 1: First, we will open and login game Play Toghether VNG on your phone. Afterward, into my house in this game.

Step 2: At the main interface of the game, click phone icon on the right side of the screen.

Tap the phone icon

Step 3: Now, in the utility window, click on the item My information, bottom of the screen.

Tap My Info

Step 4: In your game account information, tap camera icon in the upper right corner of the Profile cover photo.

Tap the camera icon

Step 5: On the screen now appears a window “Cover photo editing“, Press the button Take a photo.

Click the Take Photo button

Step 6: In the camera interface, press white circle icon to take a photo.

Tap the white circle icon

Step 7: Next, please tap the . button Post a cover photo.

Click the button Post cover photo

Step 8: Now the window frame”Post a cover photo” appears on the screen, press the button Confirm.

Click the Confirm button

Step 9: Finally, we will see that the cover photo in our account information has been changed.

Changed Profile cover art in Play Together VNG

Video Instructions to change the cover image of the game Profile Play Together VNG

Above are the steps to change the Profile cover photo in Play Together VNG, hopefully after following this article, you can easily and quickly add photos inside your home to the financial information section. account, thereby helping you to have more people come to your house when organizing a party.

Wishing you success!

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