Honkai Star Rail: Strong Character Building Tips

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Honkai Star Rail is HoYoverse’s new space fantasy role-playing game that offers turn-based gameplay along with a variety of great features, from exciting game modes to various character elements. The game has loads of different enemies and challenges and to overcome them all it is essential to upgrade your character.

As the player progresses further in the story, the player will encounter new characters, to develop the story and join the battle squad for several missions. This article will provide some tips to help Honkai Star Rail players build and upgrade their characters to become stronger.

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Honkai Star Rail: Strong Character Building Tips

Upgrade your character’s experience level

For each character in the game, there are 80 levels of experience that as you progress through each level, a certain amount of extra points are added to various stats. There are certain limits that the player can upgrade his character in the game in one turn, such as from level 1-20, the player can only level up by fighting enemies and collecting experience points.

However, after reaching that milestone, the player will have to use resources and crafting materials to level up the character, pass the level 20 mark, and progress further. The overall level of the account is also a criterion to level up the character, even if it is eligible for the rest, if the account does not meet the promotion criteria, the character level will not be able to progress. further.

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Use skill tree to increase ability

The skill tree is where all the skills are listed for each character that the player can unlock depending on their needs. Different characters have different skill trees and for each upgrade, players will need different materials to upgrade.

The higher skill stats really help a lot in dealing terrible damage to enemy units. Unlocking and upgrading various milestones will provide characters with stat bonuses, additional passives, and improvements to their 5 skills. Players who want to use the skill tree will also have to make sure both their account and character have the required level.

Unlock character bonuses through Eidolons

Eidolons offer character-specific bonuses that work like spells and increase the character’s various stats, thus giving players the opportunity to enhance new abilities or passive bonuses. Different characters will have different Eidolons depending on the element and character path.

Each character receives about 6 Eidolons landmarks, each with different types of perks attached, which need to meet the character level requirements if they want to unlock them. Once the required level is reached, materials and resources can be used to unlock that specific landmark and add bonuses to the character’s abilities.

Equip various Light Cone cards to boost stats

Light Cones are different cards for each character in Honkai Star Rail. These cards can also be viewed as different types of shards that are used to increase a character’s attack power or other stats by a specific amount, once equipped.

Light Cones have character development path eligibility criteria, they work best when a character of a similar path equips a card in the game. For different character’s paths, there are also types Light Cones different for gamers to equip the character.

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Light Cones There are different rarity levels from 3 stars to 5 stars with each type, giving different rewards to the characters in the game. Just like the character progression system, they can also be upgraded from level 1 to level 80. They act like equipment that grants a percentage bonus to each character’s stats.

Honkai: Star Rail offers a very detailed character development interface, which includes various ways to ensure the character is strong enough to withstand the more dangerous enemies in the game.

This is a very positive side of Honkai Star Rail when it provides detailed character progression levels for gamers to take advantage of and carefully study.

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