Honkai Impact tips for beginners

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Honkai Impact is a Japanese action role-playing game, developed by the same company as Genshin Impact – miHoYo. Participating in Honkai Impact, players will transform into the captain of the battleship Hyperion, leading the female warrior squad to fight against the Lions and Honkai Beasts. Enjoy a rich storyline experience, diverse subtitles never seen on games of the same genre.

This article will provide players with some basic tips and tricks that should be known when starting to play the 3rd Honkai Imapct. Building a squad and characters are things to know because each person will probably like it. a character should not know much about combinations, and at the same time not cover all possibilities.

Honkai Impact tips for beginners

Choose the first Valkyrie carefully

If you complete every challenge in every mission in a chapter, you can earn up to 225 Premium Crystals. However, the player needs 2800 crystals to summon 10 times in order to increase their odds of getting an S-rank Valkyrie. Although the player gains a number of different achievements along the way, it will likely have to be completed at most. Multi 3 chapters to start shooting the first good gacha.

Save crystal crystals

Players should not spend crystals on standard gacha after the first S-ranked character and do not spend crystals on gacha items. Use crystals to unlock the best Valkyries by getting stock cards. Save crystals for new characters that appear in events or limited characters.

Daily login bonus

Make sure to login to the game every day to get different rewards like crystals, tokens, gold and more. Even if, on that day and that time, people don’t have time to play, just log in and still get daily rewards.

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Use Gacha system to increase benefits

F2P players need to pay more attention to how they spend their hard earned crystals and that includes gacha spins. Gamers should save crystals for newly introduced Valkyries. Some of them, such as Kiana’s Herrscher of the Void, are a particularly extraordinary character.

Players should only use tickets to spin the gacha, even if there are only enough tickets to do it once. Unlike other gacha games, this game accumulates gacha spins, so players don’t need to do all 10 at once to benefit from a higher S character pick up rate. For every 10 pulls, the player is guaranteed at least 1 strong Valkyrie.

Collect Valkyrie shards

Collect resources for Valkyrie to increase the rank. Each character can be ranked from B to SSS. Get the Valkyrie shards after completing the story on higher difficulty and level. Go Dormitoryselect Expeditions and the pieces Valkyrie wants to collect.

This game would be boring if gamers only had a few characters to choose from. The fun of Honkai Impact started to increase after people got enough characters to play with and applied various combinations.

Aside from gacha being one way to unlock them, another quicker way is to get through some of the Hard and Supreme levels, as they will yield character shards.

When completing stages once, gamers can automatically collect daily through exploration battles. If lucky, every day the player will receive 2-4 character pieces. That means to unlock a character with 30 shards only takes about 2 weeks.

Captain Upgrade

Valkyrie’s maximum level is limited to captain level, so if you want the game to be more interesting and interesting, people must level up to make their Valkyrie even stronger.

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It’s not too difficult and all the player needs to do is clarify the main storyline. The first few parts should be to take a walk in the park and complete all levels to gain additional experience points in achievements. In the end, the player will earn an experience card that will give the 50% experience bonus.

Perform daily tasks

Daily quests are an indispensable part of Honkai Impact. Players will receive crystals, experience, weapons and upgrade items. If you want to know how to play Honkai Impact to maximize your character, the daily quest is a must.

Try to complete all the challenges

Completing 3 challenges of the level will receive 15 crystals from each of them. If you play the stories from the first chapter at normal level, you will get 225 diamonds. It’s not too difficult and also gets gold coins for each level so complete all the challenges.

Always use Stamina

There is no reason to hoard Stamina in Honkai Impact. This resource is the main limitation in the game as it determines the number of quests the player can perform and upgrades his core Valkyries.

In addition, in the tutorial, players will notice that sometimes they are rewarded with Stamina Potion. These can be kept in storage for as long as you like and open them only when needed. Therefore, there is no reason to save Stamina, but use them at any time.

Invest in rare equipment

Players will be able to collect a variety of equipment as they progress in the game. Different equipment is rated from 1 to 5 stars, the higher the rating, the rarer the equipment. So, make sure you are holding rare items.

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Also, take the time to upgrade and level up the rare equipment you’ve equipped your character with. This will increase the battle force higher. Avoid upgrading any 1-star items as they can quickly be replaced.

Before being able to upgrade weapons, gamers will need specific materials to upgrade to improve the weapon’s stats and rarity. However, keep in mind that the more you upgrade your weapon, the more materials you will need next time. If there is a shortage of materials, the player can easily collect more by mining.

Skill is more important than fashion

Since Honkai Impact offers beautiful Valkyrie characters, it’s understandable that players want them to look stylish. However, just make sure you still prioritize their skills over looks.

No matter how beautiful Valkyrie is, the enemy will not stop attacking to win. Always equip Valkyrie with battle clothes as they provide defensive stats. Normal clothes are useless in battle, so only use them when you want to roam around.

Both casual and combat clothing can be obtained from events, coupons, and by spending real money. Players can freely shop if they don’t mind spending real money, as long as they can distinguish the functions of the two costumes.

On the other hand, if you choose to complete events and use coupons, it will take a little longer to expand your wardrobe.

Learn Valkyrie characters

There are 3 types of characters in Honkai Impact 3, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, which are Mecha, Creature, and Psychic. The enemies that the character encounters also belong to one of 3 groups of characters.

Players need to know how these types interact with each other to gain the upper hand. The Mecha team characters are strong against Creature. Meanwhile, Creature is against Psychics type. In the end, Psychics battled the Mecha team characters.

The enemy’s character type is not easily determined. So gamers will need to pay attention to their color scheme and from there find the real one. After a few battles, Honkai Impact players will be able to tell what type their enemies are from the first time. Apply this knowledge to gain an advantage in battle.

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