Home improvement tips in My Time at Sandrock

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Upgrading the house and workshop is required in My Time at Sandrock for more storage space for decorations. While the field can be expanded worldwide in the game, the player will have to visit a special shop to expand their home, purchase new buildings outside, and more.

In this article, let’s learn how to expand and upgrade the house in My Time at Sandrock, helping players get the most out of the house.

The place to expand the house in Sandrock

To make a house bigger, add barns for livestock and poultry, or change the roof style,… the player will have to go to Construction Junction. This is a store located between Town Hall and Pete’s.

Construction Junction is a construction company with many items for sale, treasure chests and a list of ways to change the layout of a house. It is run by Heidi – 1 of 14 Romance of My Time at Sandrock.

Location of Construction Junction on the map at Sandrock
Location of Construction Junction on the map at Sandrock

Construction Junction is located right next to the town hall, similar to where the houses were built and upgraded in the previous game – My Time at Portia.

Ways to change houses in My Time at Sandrock

Unlike the home upgrade system in Portia, the Sandrock version allows the player to choose how and in what direction to develop their home. All people need for the upgrade are Gols, the currency of My Time at Sandrock.

After interacting with the Construction Junction upgrade shop, select an item to change. This can be adding a porch, expanding the area, decorating the outside of the house with signs and building animal shelters.

Menu Architecture will allow the player to choose a new roof or add a floor. With this feature, players can customize their home in the game in a way not possible in My Time at Portia. This is one of many great changes made to the new game by developer Pathea.

Menu Structures gives players the option of adding things like barns to keep pets and livestock and poultry in this farm simulation game. Click and drag the buildings to where people want to place them, the amount that needs to be spent on the changes will appear in the bottom right corner.

Collect Gols in My Time at Sandrock

Since these upgrades can be quite expensive, players will need to collect a lot of Gols. The best way to have a regular and steady supply of Gols is to finish planting as many roses as possible and sell fish to Saloon as much as possible.

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