Hollow Knight tips for beginners

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Hollow Knight is an action-adventure game, often said to be a bit like FromSoftware games. This game took the gaming world by storm when it was just released.

Hollow Knight players will enter a ravaged insect kingdom, ruined by a dangerous infectious disease. Even the rulers there have abandoned this place since the onset of illness.

Hollow Knight action adventure game
Hollow Knight action adventure game

As players traverse the forgotten streets and crumbling ruins of the once great kingdom, players will discover the truth about the fate of Hallownest, hidden behind mystery and time. But Hallownest is not for the faint of heart as the challenges ahead can be tough and the road to glory is not always smooth.

If you are still new to the game, follow these Hollow Knight tips to stay ready for the challenges ahead and successfully overcome them.

Hollow Knight tips for beginners

Collect Geo

Geo is the currency used in Hallownest and can be earned in many ways. Players will receive Geo after killing regular enemies and refilling their Soul meter if successful.

There are also Geos scattered around the map that can be accessed by pressing them repeatedly to eliminate and eventually collect the amount.

Earning money becomes much easier as the story progresses and the world opens up, but players can have a hard time building up their finances at first. There are often cases where Geo will fall into inaccessible areas, such as spikes.

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This is where the Gathering Swarm charm comes into play. When equipped, this charm will spawn a small swarm of insects, collect any Geo and bring it back. This is most useful when saving on higher fare items like the Lumafly Lantern (which can bring up to 1800 Geo).

Some types of charms in Hollow Knight
Some types of charms in Hollow Knight

The Gathering Swarm can be purchased from Sly in Dirtmouth after the player interacts with him in the abandoned village at the end of the Forgotten Crossroad via Mother Gruz and near Salubra’s shop.

Follow the humming

Players will quickly discover that Hallownest is a fairly large insect kingdom, so navigating can be difficult as the world continues to unfold. This is why Cornifer, the cartographer, will be the best companion any player needs.

Meet Cornifer to buy a map
Meet Cornifer to buy a map

Cornifer can be found in a fixed location for every area of ​​the map that the gamer can explore. Players should listen for humming when entering a new area to know where Cornifer has established his temporary location. Given how winding and confusing some of the roads are, it’s recommended that players purchase a map from Cornifer on the go.

Map of an area in Hollow Knight
Map of an area in Hollow Knight

Certain events will trigger Cornifer to leave his familiar location and get a small card from the cartographer instead. He explains that he can’t go around and advises players to go to Dirtmouth, where the respective map in question can be purchased from his shop and Iselda.

Patience to overcome challenges

Fighting in Hollow Knight can be challenging, and some battles will bring players down. However, these encounters are not impossible and players should approach battles with patience to defeat bosses.

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It becomes easier to determine the best move at the moment than to use souls to heal, cast a spell, or dash when avoiding attacks, even when the timing is good. best to strike.

Every enemy in the game has a pattern that’s easy to spot when tracking, but uncovering these patterns takes time. Knights will gain more abilities as the game progresses, and players will also become more familiar with how combat works in general.

Gamers should consider the number of mask shards, the type of charms the Knight possesses, and whether they are worth upgrading in an encounter that seems too difficult. Sure, Hollow Knight players will have to experiment and make a lot of mistakes, but the builds are flexible and should be played around to suit the playstyle.

Return to areas to collect rewards

This is a Metroidvania game, which means no immediate access to every area. Instead, gamers are encouraged to return to areas they’ve cleared as they gain new abilities that increase exploration options.

For example, there are many cases where gamers need to return to previous areas where the background is out of reach, or hidden paths cannot be crossed. People will need to acquire one of the many abilities hidden around Hallownest to get to these places.

There’s also the ability to detect items, Lifeblood pods, or even shortcuts, making navigating between areas much easier in the long run.

Iselda has several types of map markers available for purchase at the store in Dirtmouth, which players can use to take notes and keep track of favorite locations.

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