Hokko Life: Life Development Tips

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Hokko Life – city building and creative life simulation game, offering players a calming and relaxing experience of making friends, learning new recipes, crafting items, fishing, and creating a new life for yourself. However, there are ways to make the game even more pleasant. Here are some of the most important tips for players new to Hokko Life that go a long way with ease.

Help the villagers

Relaxing games often try their best to create a social atmosphere among their characters. The villagers in Hokko Life may be personified animals, but still have different lives, goals, and problems. It is important to talk to the villagers regularly as they provide side quests that the player can help with.

While there are ways to make significant progress in the game without talking to villagers, being a good neighbor is one of the best and most reliable ways to advance.

Unlocking new items, activities, and building relationships with villagers are vital to a successful gameplay. As a side benefit, talking with these adorable animals is really pleasant, allowing gamers to spend a most relaxing time.

Resident expansion

Unlike some simulation games where everyone has settled into life before the game starts, many citizens in Hokko Life will not join the community until the player invites them. Gamers should invite every new villager as soon as possible as that will help unlock more recipes faster, making things easier throughout the game.

Of course, these villagers would need somewhere to live. Players can build a number of houses for them to move into, choosing the first house on the list of housing construction is the best. It’s relatively cheap, making it more cost-effective to move some villagers into town than it would otherwise.

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Learn how to craft

Crafting is an important part of Hokko Life. Unfortunately, it’s also a confusing process. There are a few things that can make this somewhat cumbersome crafting easier, and by understanding them, players will quickly create impressive pieces. The first crafting tip is to use the open grid button at the bottom of the screen, which reveals how much space the player has to build.

The M measurement represents a cell on the grid and the main character is about 3M tall, which is very helpful in figuring out where to set up. Besides, remember to regularly save the crafting process. If the game doesn’t save, check to make sure no part of the work goes beyond the white lines of the grid.

The player can then sell whatever they’ve made, which is a good way to get some cash if they’re not satisfied with their first creation.

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