Helix Jump: Tips to get a high score

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Helix Jump simulates a spinning pole, requiring the player to control a ball that falls to the bottom, through colorful swirls. In the first few levels the game seems pretty easy, but the ball gets harder and harder to master, with loads of challenging levels. With the following Helix Jump tips, it’s easier than ever to get through the rounds and get a high score.

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The goal of the game

The goal in Helix Jump is to control the ball to the end of the circle, where the level is completed. The goal is to get a high score, build by jumping off multiple platforms at once and generally not fail, as this will reset the score.

There are many levels to participate in and each level is a new opportunity to test your skills. The levels get harder and change the color scheme, but these basic rules and tips will help conquer the whole game.

Dangerous area

The main obstacle to getting a high score in Helix Jump will be dark dangerous areas. Touching these will result in an immediate error. The score will reset and the gamer has to play from the beginning of the level, which is especially bad because otherwise, will carry the score of the previous level.

So, avoiding these will be the goal of the game. Fortunately, the predictable bounce of the ball and the rotational speed of the vertical post make it not too difficult for players to dodge.

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The danger zones get more and more as the game goes on, especially as they are located right on the edge of the hole where the player will drop.

Players need to be patient and wait for the right moment. People can score big by sliding down multiple platforms at once, but it can be an untimely end to a high score.

The wall of death

The worst danger zone is the wall of death. Unlike other danger zones, death walls stand tall and prevent players from moving freely across platforms and can also make falling to the next platform much more difficult.

These are the worst and can really hinder a gamer’s progress, as they are high enough to make the drop from the upper platform much narrower.

Fortunately, these and all other dangerous areas can be destroyed using the next trick.

Reckless when controlling the ball

Crossing multiple platforms of the swing column is the way to a high score, which will also break any platforms the ball is landing on. All it takes is to pass at least 3 platforms. If it pops out again, the player will actually get through it and continue, even after landing in a dangerous area.

Players can use this to be brave and break multiple platforms, while knowing that dangerous areas lie in the way that can be breached.

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