Harvest Moon guide for beginners

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Harvest Moon: One World is a farming game developed by Natsume to compete with the Story of Season series. The game has a huge world, a huge library of seeds, a multitude of animals and character designs that have attracted the attention of fans of the farming simulation game genre.

This game is quite different when compared to other farm simulation games, so new players may have a lot of trouble getting started. In this article, learn everything you need to know about Harvest Moon: One World through our beginner’s guide.

Get seeds and animals

The real challenge and the most prominent change of the game revolves around the farming aspect. Harvest Moon: One World players will no longer be able to purchase seeds like in the original version.

Instead, gamers must find glowing green balls that turn into Harvest Sprites to get a single seed. Depending on the time of day, season and region, players can collect different seeds. Each seed received will only produce a single tree and there is no seed generator.

Players can also get seeds from requests, but this is not a reliable way to get the crops they need. The map can be used to search for crops and a guide to the Harvest Sprite that provides them.

The problem is that it won’t indicate the time of day that Harvest Sprite is available and some seeds will only appear on certain days. Many crops also only have a single Harvest Sprite that provides them. It is very difficult for players to fill their farm with the same plants.

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Besides the mechanism to find seeds is somewhat more difficult, the development of plants is easier. Trees can grow in any season as long as they are planted in the right terrain.

The game will also provide the opportunity to create watering cans, making the farming system easier. On the other hand, raising animals can cost quite a bit of money. Players should also note that pets’ affections deteriorate at a rapid rate, so it’s not enough just to feed them, but to interact with them daily.

Requests and friendship

One of the biggest draws to farming simulation games is dating and friendship. Harvest Moon: One World with a lot of unnamed characters, doesn’t have as much social richness as in other games.

However, marriage candidates mostly do the same job, can be given gifts and chat on a daily basis. When a candidate’s image is clicked, the menu will show their love and hate feelings being clicked on. Players can earn even more points by fulfilling candidate requests and will continuously spawn new quests upon completion.

Quests often require planting certain types of trees to feed the character or collect wood. Players should note that marriage will not be an option until the game’s main story is over. Moreover, getting married will take dozens of hours plowing through the game and there is no same-sex marriage in this game.

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