Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop: Tips to maximize profits

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Most of the gameplay in My Hotpot Story – Happy Sugar Hot Pot will consist of waiting for meals to be cooked and waiting for customers to finish eating. Even with employees, this can take some time to complete, so speeding up serving to increase earnings can be quite challenging. In this article, let’s explore some useful tips that should be applied to improve the profitability of the restaurant.

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Always check the genius cat

The Fortune Cat not only shows the player’s progress towards the next dish elemental set, but also collects various gifts upon leaving the game. These can include flavors, diamonds, and training records.

The number of items that the cat can collect when the gamer is offline is related to the restaurant rating, or more specifically, the amount of time it is possible to earn offline profits. The more the player develops his hot pot restaurant, the more things the cat will find when he leaves the game.

Check the task list

When it comes to restaurant management, people can be confused as to what to do first. Luckily, there’s a task list just above the navigation button that offers suggestions on what to do next, in exchange for a cash reward on completion. This is great for those who are having a hard time figuring out their next plan to improve their restaurant.

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Tasks may require buying specific furniture or hiring certain employees, so be prepared to spend some cash to advance.

Uniform interior

Players should match evenly in the decoration. Upgrade between interior and dining table and chairs Hall to improve offline income generation. The tables will allow to serve more customers at once and generate cash when the gamer leaves the game.

As you earn more and serve more customers faster, use the money to start improving the kitchen and hiring staff.

Staff upgrade

Staff help automate the game while online, but consider doing the tasks yourself from time to time. For example, touching hotpot or the finished dish will immediately bring it to the diners’ waiting table, while the kitchen assistant and server must pick it up and bring it to the table. If an employee is currently busy or simply resting, lend them a hand.

When it comes to staff upgrading, save some of your first training notes for any chefs hired. They help to naturally speed up the rate at which broths and dishes are prepared. This is especially important when VIP rooms start operating.

Increasing the cooking speed will help your Chefs provide, in addition to making their assists more likely to trigger, can dramatically increase cash flow.

One staff member should upgrade beyond the chef that is Aunt La, the dishwasher in the serving staff section. She will automatically wash the dishes once the sink is full, allowing the chef to prepare food as usual.

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