Guide to setting up the best squad in FIFA 23

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The latest installment of the FIFA football game series – FIFA 23, is noticed by the gaming community because the balance has been significantly improved, although it still lacks innovation, different from other modern sports games. .

Players now have the freedom to tweak and experiment with more formations and tactics, as there aren’t any powerful strategies available to exploit. However, this becomes an obstacle for many new players, because they do not know how to set up the squad. Therefore, this article will provide a few effective and reliable team building ideas when playing FIFA 23.

Guide to setting up the best squad in FIFA 23


Best for: Counterattacking attacking players.

The secret of this formation lies in the moving full-backs. FIFA 23 has so far been a battle centered on the center of midfield, and the drop in dribbling means it’s much harder to get out of your mark, than in previous games. However, 5-2-1-2 made the ball nine times out of ten, with the full-backs on the team almost always ready to keep attacking.

Full-backs with full fitness and a high attack rate are a must for the 5-2-1-2 formation. Players should actively defend using the front foot. Instruct Pressure on Heavy Touch allowing gamers to stifle any thoughtful constructive play from the opposing side. If you want to keep things a little more cautious, set full-backs to only join attacks on your command by setting them to Stay Back While Attacking. Then one tap on the . button L1/LB can place them freely on 2 sides.

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Best for: Defense

One of the most defensive formations the game has to offer, the 5-4-1 is referred to by many in the sport as the Catenaccio formation. It is used by many teams to overcome opponents on the field through counterattack and solid defense.

With this formation, gamers will need some very agile full-backs with good physical strength, because they will have to run up and down a lot, replacing the right and left midfielders when attacking.


Best for: Controlling the tempo and stopping opponents.

In the tactical guide, use slow build up and add a physical striker to hold the ball. Put Drop back may resist the urge to manually control the CDM, to ensure a solid base.

Passing is the golden key in FIFA 23, so line up your midfield with people who can shoot the ball easily. It is also helpful to have a CAM with high agility, balance and ball control skills as they will be needed in the final round. A pair of agile strikers will also help a lot.


Best for: Defense

5-3-2 is another defensive-focused formation. In this case, the player will have a weaker midfield area, but can provide additional support for the striker. This formation is best used if you prefer a dribbling-focused playstyle.

Players need to add a good attacking midfielder to take center stage in their team. They will make sure that most chances turn into goals.


Best for: Players who like to attack without thinking too much about tactics.

The 4-3-3 is one of the few formations that focus on building effective forwards in FIFA 23. Crosses from certain angles are highly effective, so make the most of that. by doubling down with slick wingers and a striker up front. There are loads of options behind in midfield, as a winger helps maintain the rhythm and prevent disappointing flips.

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Players should be wary of any full-back with a high attack speed, as it can leave the defense vulnerable to quick counter-attacks. Focus on the striker and work backwards. Without a formidable striker, this squad will not be as effective as expected. With 2 wingers with moving skills, acceleration also makes 4-3-3 really appreciated.


Best for: Ball control

If you like a game that is slow paced and has full control of the ball, this is the perfect squad. Players will find that a 4-5-1 formation gives great control of the game, if the players have good passing stats.

Remember that if using this formation, players cannot run towards the opponent’s goal whenever the ball is present and without the necessary support. With this formation, play horizontally and occupy every inch of the field until you are in front of the opposing goalkeeper.


Best for: Tighten defensive play at the back

Gamers can really wreak havoc with a 4-2-2-2 formation. Put one of the strikers in mode Drift Wide leaving the normally open space inside gives the CAM a good chance to act.

Combine that with some active play from the full-backs, players can overload the sides of the pitch whenever desired.

4-2-2-2 helps players tighten their defenses. Two CDMs are invaluable, especially if they are seasoned, experienced players. Spaces have been a priority in FIFA 23 and their presence helps to prevent any advance from midfield, as well as cut off the majority of passes.

It also means that the player takes some more risk with his attacks, as there are always 4 players back at any time.

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While the pace isn’t as strong as it used to be, an agile CAM with a high dribbling stats can do wonders in this formation. They will often have to pass the ball long distances in the midfield.

Meanwhile, the two CDMs should have a low attack rate and strong defensive and physical stats like Interceptions, Defensive Awareness and Standing Tackle in the 80+ range.

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