Guide to play Farming Simulator 22 for beginners

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Farming Simulator 22 is a farm simulation game just released by Giants Software, bringing with it new gameplay elements as well as the latest farm vehicles and equipment. Players can experience solo and multiplayer modes, and even add interesting mods created by the gaming community.

If you are ready to cultivate the land and harvest crops, follow this article to learn how to play the basic Farming Simulator 22 for new players.

About Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 simulates extremely realistic farmer life
Farming Simulator 22 simulates extremely realistic farmer life

Farming Simulator 22 is an open world farming simulation game where players have land to plant seeds and harvest crops. It also features animals that bring different products like wool and milk. People can contract to work on other farms but there will also be an opportunity to buy land and develop it for extra profit.

The main goal when playing Farming Simulator 22 is to grow crops, trade crops and other products to earn as much money as possible. Everyone will have a number of tools and equipment at their disposal. Each tool is equipped for a specific purpose that gamers need to understand. Finally, have a lot of money to own a lot of land as a strong financial resource for you.

How to play Farming Simulator 22

Device requirements

To get started, click on the Farming Simulator 22 download box below. The game requires at least 35GB of space on a PC with 8GB of RAM and only works on computers running Windows 10 or later.

Start playing

At the start, the game will ask what mode people want to play in, rated easy, medium, and hard. These levels will also affect the starting amount and a number of other economic factors. The game has 3 maps in different countries.

After choosing the difficulty, everyone will create a character with choices of gender, outfit, physical attributes, and naming. Complete and enter the promising agricultural world.

The game allows to customize the character's appearance
The game allows to customize the character’s appearance

Main working steps

With the easier mode, the player will receive a piece of land to start with. Look around the buildings and equipment to see what you’ll be working with.

plowing: The player needs to prepare the ground the first time he uses it. Before that, check the crop requirements to see if you should use a hand plow or a machine plow.

Crop: After harvesting crops, the player needs to plow the soil to prepare for sowing. This is usually the first step, depending on whether plowing is necessary.

Planting: When attaching the seeder to the tractor, people can choose the type of crops they want to plant.

Players need to plow the ground before sowing seeds
Players need to plow the ground before sowing seeds

Fertilization: If the yield is increased and the crop quality is improved, the player should fertilize with additional nutrients.

Eliminate weeds: Weeds will appear among the plants causing the plants to grow poorly. If the plants are young, weed removers can be used, but if they are large, they will need to be sprayed with chemicals.

Lime: After several harvests, the soil begins to degrade and conventional fertilizers are no longer effective. This is the time to spread lime on the soil for support.

Harvest: Use a nearby trailer to transport crops when the harvester is full.

Sell ​​or store agricultural products: Choose between selling products or keeping them.

Remove wilted plants: If harvested too late, the crop will wither, become unusable and need tilling to remove waste.

Other vehicles, equipment, plants and animals

Animals are the source of some products such as milk and wool in Farming Simulator 22
Animals are the source of some products such as milk and wool in Farming Simulator 22

Another step in learning how to play Farming Simulator 22 is learning the resources. Players should pay attention to the details and prices of different crops. For example collecting straw after harvesting wheat and oats to feed some of his animals. There is also profit from mowing the grass and closing them into hay blocks.

Finally, pay attention to the requirements of different animals. Cattle and poultry will provide a steady income, but will need to provide food, straw and water to keep them happy. If you don’t have these in stock, buy some to use when the animal needs it.

Land purchase

As soon as the business grows and finances are good, consider buying more land. People will be able to grow and harvest more crops and thus get a higher income. Start with the most affordable pieces of land and work your way up.

Tips for playing Farming Simulator 22

After learning the key working steps, everyone has a background on how to play Farming Simulator 22. It’s time to explore some advanced tips and techniques that will help everyone be more successful in the game.

Use workers carefully

Players need to consider before deciding to hire workers
Players need to consider before deciding to hire workers

When cultivating land, the donor can choose a worker to do it for him. Such workers will be paid according to their work and activities. However, before hiring employees, see if you are still making a profit, if not, it is best to do the work yourself.

Quick and easy tasks such as fertilizing and tending crops often cost more money and will not provide a worthy return on investment if outsourced.

Sell ​​what you don’t need

As soon as you start playing Farming Simulator 22, see what buildings and equipment are on your land that you don’t need to use. Gamers can earn extra money by selling them, this money is used for vehicles and efficiency improvements. When income starts to stabilize, consider selling your old tractor to buy better new ones.

Accept contracts

Contracts will give players a stable income
Contracts will give players a stable income

People will notice on the dashboard there is a tab for contracts. Please accept the contract and complete the task as quickly as possible. Everyone should start their day by focusing on their own land first. Then spend the rest of the time on contracts. It’s a great way to maximize profits.

Check the market before selling

Making money is important, but before deciding to sell something, consider the market for your crop and livestock products. It is more beneficial for players to find out which stores will pay the most for the product at that time. Remember that rates change based on demand, so always make sure to come back to see current buying prices.

Cut down some trees

If you have trees on your land, cut them down for wood and sell them. The player will need some forestry equipment purchased later in the game. At first, consider spending time chopping them to size with a chainsaw and placing it in the back of the trailer.

Watch the weather

Farming Simulator 22 has added a weather change mechanism
Farming Simulator 22 has added a weather change mechanism

A new feature introduced in Farming Simulator 22 is the seasonal cycle. Weather and climate change over time, so it will have a big impact on crops, as well as the time when agricultural products can be harvested. Make sure you have everything ready in case of snow when winter comes.

Use mods

Mod developers love to produce new content for Farming Simulator games. People will easily access them in the game itself without spending time installing it separately. See what features you want to add to your farm and choose the right mod.

Multiplayer mode

No matter what platform people are playing Farming Simulator 22 on, they can join online with their friends. Gamers have the right to choose to compete to win the most income and land.

In addition, all can join forces and manage farms together. All players need to do is connect with their friends or join a server to play with others.

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