Guide to finishing in Pro Soccer Online

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Pro Soccer Online is a multiplayer online football simulation game, completely different from other games of the same genre. Players will quickly notice how difficult and challenging hitting the ball in Pro Soccer Online is, especially when the ball is in motion. In this article, let’s learn how to shoot the ball effectively in Pro Soccer Online, become a professional ball control.

How does the ball kick work?

First, the player needs to distinguish between a shot and a pass, as these two actions do not have the same goal.

  • Shot allows the player to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal.
  • Pass performed when it is necessary to pass the ball to a teammate.

These two actions are also not triggered by the same key:

  • To shoot, click left mouse or RT on the joystick.
  • To pass, click right mouse/left or RT/LT on the joystick.

The choice of which key to use for the pass depends on the distance of the teammate. It also depends on whether the gamer wants to make a low pass or not.

When wanting to make a shot, the player must manage its power, height, and curvature. Strength is visible through the red bar. The fuller it is, the stronger the shot. As for the height and curvature, it all depends on when to release the shot button:

  • To change the altitude, need move the mouse up or down or specify the direction with RS.
  • To change the curvature, move the mouse right or left or point direction by RS.
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Practice finishing in Pro Soccer Online

Pro Soccer Online is a game that requires skill, so everyone needs regular practice to master the ball control. Training can be done in 3 stages:

First solo (or duel with goalkeeper) in mode Free Play, by shooting from different positions. Start getting used to shooting and look at the curves and different heights from both sides. Also, remember to take some straight shots.

Continue practicing with finishing on the move. Run towards the goal with the ball at your feet and try to shoot at a specific time without missing the ball. People can refer to the Dribbling Guide in Pro Soccer Online to know how to lead the ball towards the goal.

When you feel comfortable and have mastered the maneuvers, it’s time to go into battle. During practice, the player is alone and only needs to focus on shooting. There is nothing better than a real match situation, as everyone will have to successfully execute the shot while paying attention to the opponent and the goalkeeper’s position.

Tips to hit the finish line in Pro Soccer Online

There’s nothing better than adding a nice bit of showmanship to a shot, with acrobatic execution on the finish. To perform this move, gamers need to grasp the game and especially the trajectory of the ball, and move precisely at the right time.

As in the video, gamers can use tossing movements to bring the ball up and proceed to finish. Here are the combinations of keys to perform a somersault:

  • On the keyboard: Left Ctrl by default + key Backspace
  • At the lever: REMOVE + reverse direction
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