Guide to finding hidden treasures in Contraband Police

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Hidden treasures are a great way to earn money in Contraband Police as each treasure will reward players up to $300. Especially in the early game, these can make a big difference in upgrading your base and buying more tools.

Hidden treasure in Contraband Police
Hidden treasure in Contraband Police

There are 8 hidden treasures in total and players can find them by going to specific locations and digging them up with a shovel. In this guide, let’s explore all hidden treasure hiding places in Contraband Police help players find them easily.

Guide to finding hidden treasures in Contraband Police

There are a total of 8 hidden treasures and they can be found at any point in the game. The only requirement is that gamers must bring at least 2 shovels to dig for treasure. With your shovel ready, get on board and start exploring the map to collect 8 hidden treasures in the following locations.

Warehouse 1 – Sawmill

The first storage is located just south of Sawmill, on cell F6. In the forest, everyone will find an opening where they can dig.

Warehouse 2 – Garbage

The second warehouse is located between Sawmill and Cemetery, on cell E8. It is located on a road next to a large pile of empty barrels.

Warehouse 3 – Police Base

The third warehouse is located quite near the Police Base, on cell B6. Take a detour from the path above and everyone will find an opening where they can start digging.

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Warehouse 4 – Motel Carat

The fourth depot is located just south of the Motel Carat, on cell F1. Continue south and out of the way until you find an abandoned building with a wire fence around it.

Warehouse 5 – Drunken Bear Inn

To get the fifth depot, head south from the Drunken Bear Inn, on cell I8. The player needs to go up a hill and there will be a gap at the top where they can dig to find the 5th storage.

Warehouse 6 – South Hill

Follow the path southwest of the Drunken Bear Inn until you reach cell I6. The player will find a hill with a clearing at the top just south of the path.

Warehouse 7 – Gavrilov’s Hideout

The seventh warehouse is located directly above the Sawmill, near Gavrilov’s hideout, on tile D5. If the location cannot be found, the story leads everyone there in the first place, when asked to follow Gavrilov.

Warehouse 8 – South Bridge

The eighth and final warehouse is located on cell G5, just southwest of the Vlad’s Tool shop. Climb the hill next to the south bridge and everyone will find a treasure dig spot. Remember that collecting all 8 treasures will also give you the Treasure Hunter achievement.

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