Guide to find hidden missions in GTA 5

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Grand Theft Auto is one of the most massive game franchises available today. It’s been a while since GTA 5 launched but players will still be surprised by the amount of content and missions that may have been missed.

The problem with creating a world as large as GTA V is that gamers will miss out on some interesting content, because it is not always possible to encounter some of the scripted scenes put in by the developers. Therefore, this article will bring Guide to find hidden missions in GTA 5 which most gamers have overlooked, as they are much harder to find than the story-focused quests.

Guide to find hidden missions in GTA 5

Become a member of a cult

If you visit the Epsilon website while controlling Michael, you’ll find a questionnaire to fill out. Once completed, players will have the opportunity to take on some rather quirky side quests from the Epsilon team. They will begin by showing up on the map as a question mark.

These missions include stealing a car and donating their own money to the party, delivering a car full of money to someone (although the player can choose to steal it if they want). Beware, however, of the consequences of betraying the cult.

Kidnapping lost people

Gamers will find lost people who can’t find a way to get where they want to go. However, if Trevor has these people, the gamer can take them to a different location than the one they requested. That place was the cult, where a group of sinister and vile people were waiting. After that, the lives of these lost people were taken by spears.

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Hunting Sasquatch

No wonder most people don’t go through this hidden quest, as it really requires 100% completion. Once completed, gamers can begin a quest called The Last One as Franklin, by meeting a hunter who claims to be on the trail of Sasquatch. Gamers will take a lot of time to get to this hidden quest, but it’s really worth it.

Rescue Thelma & Louise

GTA V is a huge game, as Rockstar fills it with easter egg mysteries, one of which is two women in a convertible reenacting the final scene of Thelma & Louise.

This iconic duo is stuck and has nowhere to go, so they drive off the cliff, escape the police, and end their lives. The player can prevent them from doing this by taking Thelma & Louise out on their own or pulling them out of the vehicle.

Hit aliens

Rockstar gamers are well aware of some of the rather bizarre quests presented by Strangers and Freaks. These are random NPCs that gamers can approach on the map and experience something outside of the main story that has been outlined.

One of these Strangers and Freaks gives Trevor and Michael the chance to smoke some kind of herbal medicine, which scares them into believing they’re being attacked by aliens, and only has a shotgun to take them down. .

Prevent the therapist

GTA V fans love almost every aspect of the game, but many can’t seem to partake in the therapy sessions they have to go through as Michael. As a result, not many people notice this small interaction with their therapist.

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Gamers have to visit the doctor enough times to trigger the scene where he says he’s leaving the city to star in his own reality show. The game will then prompt the player to chase and remove him in case any of Michael’s family secrets are not exposed.

Call Patrick McCreary

One thing that stands out about this game is that it has some interesting connections to the rest of the GTA franchise. That includes character mentions and appearances, with Patrick McCreary from Grand Theft Auto IV.

In GTA 5, he is the best friend of the protagonist Niko and will make money when he commits a crime. Here, gamers come across him in a robbery and if they choose to be a driver to take Patrick away, they can contact him for cooperation later.

Become a wildlife photographer

The hunting minigame in GTA V is a game that quite a few people know about. It’s part of the Strangers and Freaks quest, and when you complete a murder, you’ll be asked to send a photo of the corpse to confirm what you’ve done.

While working for Beverly, players can enter wildlife photography contests, tasked with photographing specific animals in certain locations. After completing them all, the player will unlock the Kraken submersible.

Armored truck robbery

This is not a specific task assigned to the player by someone, but an option that is always available. Gamers can try to rob any armored truck they find.

To do so will require explosives as they are needed to blow up the doors at the back. Once that’s settled, the player must fight sentinels that aren’t easy to take down. Although this is a big challenge, it is fun and offers a bit of a bonus.

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