Guide to choosing a starting weapon in Elden Ring

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Elden Ring, the highly anticipated game developed by FromSoftware, promises to give players a challenging and exciting experience unlike any other.

Combining elements from Dark Souls and open world titles, Elden Ring takes players into the Lands Between to test their skills. Besides choosing a character class to start playing Elden Ring, choosing a weapon also plays a very important role.

The choice of character and starting weapon when playing Elden Ring both play an important role
The choice of character and starting weapon when playing Elden Ring both play an important role

The Elden Ring has a wide variety of weapons to choose from and is available within the first ten hours (a very short amount of time by game standards). When starting in the first 2 main areas, players can find good weapons.

In this article, learn our guide to finding and choosing a starter dance in the Elden Ring, making your adventures in the Lands Between a little easier.

Guide to choosing a starting weapon in Elden Ring

Bloodhound Fang

Bloodhound Fang is one of the weapons Dexterity The best start a player can find in the Elden Ring. This curved Greatsword causes passive bleeding and can be obtained by defeating Bloodhound Knight Darriwil in Forlorn Hound Evergaol.

This is a tough fight, even though it happens early in the game. What makes it difficult is that gamers cannot summon teammates to cooperate or Spirit Summon to fight with Evergaol. However, it is still possible to summon Blaidd to help me beat Darriwil.

Grafted Blade Greatsword

Grafted Blade Greatsword found in Castle Morne live Weeping Peninsula. The sword looks a lot like the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones and is extremely powerful for an early game weapon.

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When fully upgraded, it can even take players past NG+ if the build is right for the sword. It is part of ‘s mission Edgar and can be obtained by killing the boss Lion Misbegotten in Morne Castle. This is a great and powerful greatsword suitable for construction Strength.

Sword of Night and Flame

This is one of the best swords for magic users. However, gamers will need to progress a bit to get it, as the sword is located in Caria Manor. The player will need to jump off the rampart to a lower section, then go through a trapdoor to find this sword.

The sword was nerfed in an update but is still one of the strongest items to build Intelligence. While it’s still a pretty good early game weapon, Rennala needs to be beaten to get it. The sword cannot be found at the beginning of the game, but it will still be useful even towards the end of the Elden Ring.


Flail is a really powerful weapon, found on the first trip through Limgrave, Stormhill and Stormveil Castle. Consecutive attacks with Flail deal bleeding damage.

After a number of successful hits, the player will cut off a segment of the enemy’s health bar, when a certain level of health loss is reached. Usually it’s between 5-10 hits for most normal enemies, more to hit the boss.

The main downside of Flail is the lack of range, but good positioning and dodging can help gamers not need to worry about this. Bonus damage from bleed damage can be the difference in survival for some enemies and bosses.

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The player can pick it up in one of the carts at Gatefront Ruins, right where the Torrent horse is received.

Lordsworn’s Straight Sword

Lordsworn’s Greatsword can be obtained by killing any knight in Limgrave or Stormhill as they all have a chance to drop it. If you still can’t find it, hit the minion until it randomly drops.

This is a straight sword, which comes with some high performance stats early in the game. It balances both Strength and Dexterity, so Lordsworn’s Greatsword is suitable for most players.

This is a great weapon for the early part of the Elden Ring and is best suited for those who want a traditional battle, but don’t want to experiment with a lot of different things.

Battle Hameer

If you’re looking for a great weapon to carry during the opening boss battles, the Battle Hammer is the perfect weapon.

Offering high power, powerful skills that speed up the recovery of a character’s attack, defense, and stamina, the Battle Hammer is the Elden Ring starter weapon for players looking to make a devastating impact. . However, with its awesomeness, the attack speed will be quite slow.

The Battle Hammer can be found while defeating the Grave Warden Duelist boss in the Murkwater Catacombs, located along the river leading to the eastern edge of Stormhill.

Great Epee

The Great Épée is a strong choice for players who prefer weapons that focus on pushing enemies back. Therefore, this weapon is not suitable for large groups of enemies, but if the character rotates, it can hit many attackers.

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Its skill is also very handy, overpowering shields and breaking through enemy defenses to allow the player to track next attacks.

This weapon can be found south of Limgrave, in a chest at the small enemy camp located just up the hill. Let’s go through the main lake where the Flying Dragon Agheel is fought.


The last weapon on the list of weapons new players should choose in the early stages of Elden Ring is the Uchigatana. Gamers can find it in the Deathtouched Catacombs dungeon. To get to this dungeon, the character needs to walk along the main road leading east from Stormhill Shack, through the forest, and just before reaching the bridge.

Uchigatana is actually an upgraded version of the previous Flail. It is more powerful, offers more combat range and has better skills, allowing the character to perform powerful heavy attacks that can stun most normal sized enemies, like humans and beasts. .

Players can try to get to Deathtouched Catacombs early in the game and it’s not too difficult a journey. On top of that, the Uchigatana is reliable throughout the game, so if people want to keep it as their primary weapon, go for it.

The above are all recommendations for the best starting weapons when starting to play Elden Ring. Besides choosing a weapon, refer to the Elden Ring beginner’s guide to choosing the right class for the best combination.

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