Guide to choosing a class for beginners Chronicle of Infinity

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MMORPGs like Chronicle of Infinity are designed so that each character class will suit different playstyles. Therefore, the decision about the best class will depend not on whether they are strong or weak but on the actual choice of playstyle at any given time.

However, choosing a character class in any MMORPG can be quite difficult. Therefore, this article will provide an overview of the 3 character classes in Chronicle of Infinity, their strengths, weaknesses and overall playing style, thereby helping players easily make the choice that best suits them. .

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Phantom specializes in creeping into combat like a ghost, knocking down high-value targets with their superior combo damage. This class is ideal for those who enjoy a high-risk but high-reward gameplay.

However, players need to learn how to properly navigate the battlefield to avoid enemies while weaving towards the intended goal. In a group PvE setting, Phantom is arguably the least important class in terms of individual contributions. However, their massive explosive damage makes them the absolute most powerful class in PvP.


If Phantom is the melee DPS then the Dragoon is its counterpart, a large, muscular class of warriors with various skills to deal damage to tanks, as well as disrupt his foes with a variety of manoeuvres. effect.

Dragoon is the most beginner-friendly class in the game, offering a large amount of HP and plenty of defense, allowing to thrive in combat even if the gamer makes a few mistakes. And although the damage is low compared to the other 2 classes, it still ensures easier passage of the story missions, due to not having to pay much attention to dodging or repositioning.


Arcania is the only pure class in Chronicle of Infinity, the strongest and most difficult to use effectively, especially in PvP. This difficulty comes not only from being able to effectively use skills, but also from poor defense, making Arcania an easy target for enemy Phantoms.

However, if the player is proficient, Arcania can very easily control an entire group of enemies with his powerful spells. Moreover, this class has the longest sustained damage, being able to take down even the toughest enemies if given enough time to weave a web of magic.

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