Guide for drivers to rest in Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 is an open-world truck driving simulation game by SCS Software. Entering the game, every player can choose a truck according to their taste and context (in terms of its functionality), accept the appropriate orders and complete them by driving on the map for delivery. before the specified deadline. While it sounds easy, there are a few challenges that make the game harder than it looks.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 . Open-world truck driving simulation game
Euro Truck Simulator 2 . Open-world truck driving simulation game

The attraction of Euro Truck Simulator 2 is that the developer has brought a sense of authenticity to the game not only in the graphics part, but also in the overall operation of the business. Besides the truck, the driver is also a top important part of this game.

The game puts the driver’s spirit and need for rest as an important factor, just like in real life. In this article, let’s find out how to give the driver a break and help the business at Euro Truck Simulator 2 grow smoothly.

How to put the driver to sleep in Euro Truck Simulator 2

The driver the player controls is designed to accommodate all human emotions, such as fatigue that can cause game progress to stop until he is rested. The game does an excellent job at notifying players whenever driving is tiring, and its frequency will increase in time if the player chooses to ignore them.

Gamers will be given an initial warning of driver fatigue through yawn soundthen screen border darkens, which shows that the driver really needs a break before things get serious. Failure to heed these prolonged warnings will result in drivers falling asleep mid-journey.

This is where the sleep or rest feature comes into play. Players will need to choose between 1 of 2 options based on the duration of the current order in progress, while balancing a successful delivery and driver fatigue.

Rest spaces are marked with blue bed icon and usually the parking lot next to the road or the hotel.

When entering these marked places, the first step to take is to turn off the engine by pressing E. This will initiate a break of the game where the player needs to press Enter to start the driver’s sleep cycle. Players should carefully monitor the time it takes for a sleep cycle, as time can stretch past delivery deadlines. Gamers need to be wise to understand the ordering requirements before putting a driver on a break.

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