Guardian Tales tips for beginners

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Guardian Tales is a game of the MMORPG genre, with a gacha element included, making it more unique than other games of the same genre. Players must explore dark and dangerous dungeons to challenge the giant bosses residing within, while rolling in fierce battles to climb the rank.

With a massive character system and countless tough battles, new players can find it difficult to start their journey in Guardian Tales. Therefore, this article will provide tips and strategies for playing Guardian Tales for beginners, helping to grasp the mechanics quickly and have a better start.

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Guardian Tales tips for beginners

Unlock character recovery

Getting a hero to act as a healer should be one of the first things players do when they first start Guardian Tales. Enemies can hit pretty hard, especially in the early stages, so it’s important to minimize the damage they do to your team.

Luckily the player will be able to get a hero heal after completing the first phase of the story. This character’s name is Karina, worthy to take advantage of before getting stronger hero later.

Find out the enemy’s moves

Fighting enemies can seem a bit difficult at first, due to the fact that there are a lot of enemies that the player will have to keep an eye on, while also having to dodge everything that comes their way. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to get used to the enemy’s moves.

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Enemies will attack very often while the player is in combat, with areas where enemies will attack marked in red. As such, players who learn to attack forewarned will have an advantage.

Join a guild

Joining a clan makes the game much more enjoyable for some people. This will also provide actual rewards for joining a clan.

When joining a guild, players will have the ability to collect rewards from daily attendance events. On top of that, as a member of a clan, gamers can participate in raids, even if their physical strength is weaker, they will still have teammates to support.

Use code Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales codes provide gamers with rewards such as gold, experience, stamina, gems and weapons. From these resources, players can upgrade characters, strengthen heroes to become stronger.

Skip the arena until the end

Players who are just starting out in Guardian Tales might be tempted to start looking in the Arena arena. This mode urges players to show off their skills, but it would be much better for beginners to completely ignore the arena for a while.

A player will not be near the point of being able to compete with other veteran gamers for a very long time. After all, many players have been playing hard in Arena, so beginners should ignore it until their forces are really strong.

Dungeons provide useful resources

At the start of the game, people will get a lot of conflicting advice, which resource dungeons are good, which dungeons are useless, which dungeons are good at first but fail later,… The truth is, all both resource dungeons can be used.

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For example, the golden dungeon would be the fastest way for players to earn money in the game. Dungeon XP is great at the start of the game, for quick team training, but may not be as useful later on.

Wait for a while to evolve

Players know that one of the best ways to make their characters stronger is to evolve them. However, gamers should really wait a while before focusing on developing any particular character. This is because hero crystals are the only way to limit breaking a character (along with evolving) and they are really rare.

These hero crystals will be an extremely important resource later on. Also, the player may not be able to take full advantage of the evolutions for the final evolutions, until later in the game, so it’s best to pause them for a while.

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