GTA Online: Tips to make money quickly in Special Cargo

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In GTA Online, business activity Special Cargo offers a high profit opportunity for players to buy and sell crates from the warehouse. This process involves purchasing goods and storing them in crates, which can be time consuming due to factors such as locating goods, handling obstacles, and returning to the warehouse.

However, there is a clever method that players can use to increase their income and complete more tasks in less time. In this article, let’s find out Tips to maximize profits from Special Cargo in GTA Online.

Tips for playing Special Cargo in GTA Online

During the week Rockstar Games increased payouts by 50%, players could take advantage of the strategy of playing around the warehouse. In the game, players can own up to 5 such properties, and each full inventory can sell for more than $3.1 million.

  Warehouse for the Special Cargo . quest
Warehouse for the Special Cargo . quest

By selling supplies from all 5 warehouses, players have the potential to earn more than $15 million. Tips for taking advantage of Special Cargo focus on using techniques like Oppressor Mark II and Terabyte, changing skins to trigger save games, setting the CEO’s office as the spawn location, and using technicians in the warehouse. to find the source of the container.

To maximize profits during the special week, players should combine this trick with other activities like the Cayo Perico heist and the Payphone Hit from Franklin.

A step-by-step guide to making money quickly through Special Cargo

  • Win at least one large inventory in the game. Remember, people can own up to 5 of these warehouses.
  • Use Oppressor Mark IIa flying hoverbike can be kept in Terabyteswhich serves as a mobile command center.
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Oppressor Mark II in GTA Online
Oppressor Mark II in GTA Online
  • Between crate sourcing tasks, claim a Terabyte by selecting it from the menu Interaction.
  • Complete the crate sourcing mission with the Oppressor Mark II, then ship the crates back to your warehouse.
  • Return to Terabyte and launch another sourcing task from there. This saves time by not having to travel to and from your warehouse.
  Terabytes in GTA Online
Terabytes in GTA Online
  • Continuing this approach effectively, using Terabytes to summon and store Oppressor Mark II, and consecutively sourcing crates.

If Oppressor Mark II is missing in GTA Online, try this alternative method:

  • Immediately after completing this Special Cargo source quest, change the outfit via the Interaction menu.
  • Change your appearance to the CEO’s office using the menu Interaction.
  • To reduce load times, look for invite-only sessions or new sessions.
  • When entering a new session, gamers will appear in their CEO’s office. This allows to start another Special Cargo source quest.
CEO's Office
CEO’s Office
  • Take advantage of technicians currently in stock as they can supply a new crate every 48 minutes, worth $7500, allowing for passively accumulating crates, while actively performing other tasks .

By using this method, gamers can efficiently complete consecutive Special Cargo missions with little delay, maximizing their potential earnings.

To avoid losing progress due to bugs or glitches, players must save the game regularly by changing outfits or using other techniques. Additionally, choosing an invite-only session or a next-gen console with shorter load times can enhance the effectiveness of this monetization strategy in GTA Online.

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