Graveyard Keeper tips for beginners

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Graveyard Keeper is a simulation game, with many similarities to Stardew Valley but with a bit more darkness. Participating in the game, gamers will experience the life of a ghostly graveyard keeper, while exploring the strange and mysterious medieval town.

By maintaining their own graveyard, expanding witch cremation festivals, and becoming a self-proclaimed preacher, players can feel overwhelmed by talking skulls and annoying donkeys.

If you are also having trouble getting started, read on and learn some Graveyard Keeper tips for beginners that will help players get used to a new life in this exciting game.

Get used to the date and time

Just like any other management simulation game, time management is of paramount importance. In Graveyard Keeper, 1 week has 6 days, each week includes its own color and symbol to represent the day.

Players will find that specific NPCs only appear on specified days, which can be learned both through in-game dialogue and the NPC screen menu. Gamers also need to know when NPCs will arrive and leave their locations, as it will be impossible to interact while the NPC is moving.

Technology tree development

Graveyard Keeper has a tech tree where new recipes, new abilities, and passive perks can be unlocked. To begin with, gamers will need to focus on creating the foundation of the building, theology, and training branches to make it easier to grow and expand the graveyard.

Organized into 7 categories, the tech tree uses red, green and blue tech points to unlock, except for the 7th tab which is Cookery. This tab shows gamers all the recipes discovered and possible to make. With more than 30 recipes, players can prepare a variety of different foods for their characters and sell them.

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Don’t fret about the blue point

As they continue their game, people may find themselves collecting red and green points, but missing out on blue points. They will mainly be obtained through quests related to morgues, graveyards, writing, and alchemy.

However, the blue dots appear later. Gamers can start collecting them in about 1 to 2 hours playing Graveyard Keeper. After a little progress with the plot, the player will be granted access to the church and its basement.

Here, everyone will find the study desk, which will be the main source to provide blue tech spots early on. At the beginning of the game everyone just unlock what they can and focus on the development and the green technology point will soon appear at the right time.

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