Granny: Survival tips to help get rid of the ghost granny

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Granny is a series of horror survival games, escape from the ghost grandmother. This game is loved by horror game enthusiasts because of its thrilling gameplay and chilling atmosphere.

In this part of the game, players will have to experience the thrill and chills of solving each complex puzzle while avoiding the pursuers. If you’re having a hard time getting started with Granny, check out these must-know tips to make it easier to overcome challenges and avoid unnecessary danger.

Survival tips in Granny

Use suggested items

In Granny there is a Teddy bear that everyone needs to find. The location of the Teddy Bear is in the drawers upstairs, then drop it in the crib (children’s bed) downstairs to remove Slendrina from the game.

Use Teddy bear to escape from Slendrina
Use Teddy bear to escape from Slendrina

After going upstairs from the basement, the player can often find Grandpa sleeping with a shotgun beside him. Players are encouraged to use shotguns to shoot Grandpa and Granny, then take them both out for 2 minutes and 30 seconds to freely investigate.

Be careful when you drop things

Don’t drop objects on the floor unless it’s part of an elaborate plan everyone has worked out in advance. Dropping something on the floor means Granny will get to that location sooner. However, Grandpa will not come with Granny because his hearing is not good. Items can be dropped in locations that the player considers safe, where there is no noise.

Objects can also be dropped on noisy sides of the house to distract Granny and cause her to move to locations where the noise is coming from. The player can then safely investigate on the other side of the house.

Beware of bear traps and jump from high places

The house has a lot of bear traps both inside and outside the building. Therefore, gamers need to be extremely careful when roaming around to investigate. When falling into a bear trap, the player will be trapped and it will take a few seconds to get out. All the player needs to do is move the screen to look down at the bear trap and tap and hold the . button Remove.

Stepping on a bear trap will trap the character for a period of time
Stepping on a bear trap will trap the character for a period of time

Avoid jumping from rooftops as it can cause instant death, which will waste a day. Players can jump down from above when the bottom is grass and not concrete. There are small areas protruding from the house that the character can jump on to move down slowly instead of jumping straight down and dying.

Use the rooms to your advantage

Remember to use the bed, sofa, and wardrobe to your advantage. Players will need to hide while walking around the house to avoid being caught by Granny and Grandpa. And one of the most effective methods to fool them is to hide under beds, sofas and in closets.

Hiding under the bed, wardrobe, ... is an effective way to escape the pursuit
Hiding under the bed, wardrobe, … is an effective way to escape the pursuit

However, keep in mind that the moats outside the house are not hiding places, as there are creatures there that will instantly kill people.

Don’t forget to close the door

Players should close all rear doors unless specifically asked not to. This makes the room search process safer without the risk of being threatened when Granny and Grandpa suddenly enter.

Score more points in less time

To win in Granny, the main goal is for gamers to understand what they really need to do. The core basis of the game is to get rid of the strange old woman who is madly bloodthirsty and will do anything to stop the player from continuing.

Obviously, to excel and defeat Granny, gamers need some items to unlock the room door and move forward, but it is certainly not a simple job.

Survival tips in some areas


The basement is the very basic area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis game, equivalent to all the other rooms that the gamer can use to escape the wrath of the scary granny. Opposite the basement room is the foyer, living room, as well as the dining room and kitchen.

All these rooms have hiding places to avoid the attention of the evil old woman. Gamers will find the way to the main door, which is the guide needed to exit. Furthermore, both the living room and dining room have drawers where tools such as screwdrivers, keys, weapons or gloves are stored.


Then to the next stop is the kitchen. Players must quickly pass through this place or they will most likely be attacked. The counter inside the kitchen will have a few tools to help, and don’t forget the last door can be used to go to the hall.

Items such as keys, alarm codes, melons, shotguns, gears, cutting pliers,… are definite and must-have things to get out of this dire place.

Once the stairs are found, what you can really do is use one of the cabinets as a hiding place from the old woman or find items to save yourself from the monstrous creature.

Some more tips

One of the most important ghost granny killing tips is to use a shotgun. All you need to do is collect the items and then craft the shotgun in the garage. Then this pistol will be used to shoot the ghost grandmother from a distance.

Additionally, during the hide, the player can hide under the bed, use the different wardrobes as additional hiding places, or find the number of days left engraved on the table. Boxes and pillows are things that can be used to access various hidden places and are essential tools to defeat the old lady or escape from her house.

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