Good Pizza, Great Pizza: Tips for effective restaurant management

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Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a restaurant management game that gives players a more challenging experience of running their own pizzeria. The game will make everyone work hard to collect every penny from their customers.

There are more than 80 different customers, each with their own characteristics and preferences. So players shouldn’t expect perfect pizzas to magically appear after just a few taps.

Pizza restaurant management game - Good Pizza, Great Pizza
Pizza restaurant management game – Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Gamers will need to make their pizzas from scratch and to customer specifications. Orders can be anything from a simple cheese pizza to the most bizarre. If you find yourself struggling to keep this business afloat, check out the effective restaurant management tips in Good Pizza, Great Pizza.

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Restaurant management tips in Good Pizza, Great Pizza effectively

Unlock new toppings

If you want to have the most popular store in the area, you have to unlock more toppings. Customers will quickly get bored with the same pizza cheese and sauce taste, that’s why they should buy toppings like pepperoni, sausage, etc.

Some toppings will be unlocked after playing the required number of days. Also, remember that outside topping is quite expensive, so don’t waste it, if you use too much, the profit will also decrease, which will not be good for business.

Tool upgrade

There are a number of upgrades available in the shop: topping trays, lighting, Pizza mascots, etc. But what players really should save money for is the super-fast oven.

This will allow people to pay quickly and not spend $7 to speed up their machines every day, and it will also save time, making the customer satisfaction meter less likely to fail. decrease by more than 50%.

Pay attention to customer requirements

Players cannot randomly use toppings and sauces on pizza, but must follow customer orders. Each guest will come in with their own type of order, someone who just wants cheese and pepperoni pizza, half-sauce and half-mushroom pizza or cheese and mushroom pizza without sauce.

The crust also has different requirements such as darker crust by putting the pizza in the oven twice. These little things will be very important, because if done wrong, it will cost a lot of money, and at the same time have difficulty in running the store.

Complete daily quests

Make sure to complete tasks like serving 20 customers or keeping customers happy,… to earn more coins and diamonds, which can be invested in shop upgrades or decorations.

If the quests are completed, they are also updated daily. Especially if you do it all within a limited time, you will receive a lot of rewards. The player can check the quests from the tab provided and if he forgets the recipe or doesn’t know how to make a particular pizza, the player can always click on the three bars and select the recipe to remember. again.

Save materials

Unlike most restaurant management games, players don’t get unlimited free supplies of ingredients in Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Using a lot of ingredients can make customers happy but eventually players will go bankrupt.

Try to use as few ingredients as possible without annoying the customer. If possible, just spread a thin layer of cheese on each pizza and still get tips from customers. very good for business.

Experiment with weird orders

Players may see a weird all-sauce pizza order, some customers won’t even say what they really mean. For example, if a customer wants a pizza with a sunrise, somehow he or she wants a pizza with standard cheese and sauce.

If a customer wants half cheese and half sauce, that means he only wants half cheese and half pizza sauce. On the other hand, asking for a super crispy pizza means they want the pizza to go through more than 3 baking times.

Reject customers who cannot afford to pay

It sounds heartless but people are running the business, so it’s better for players to turn away customers who can’t pay for pizza. Sometimes, the store will appear guests with only 1 dollar. The player can kick him away because he will only take up precious time. However, if you really want that money, feel free to sell the cheapest and fastest pizza you can.

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