Ghost Watchers tips for beginners

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Ghost Watchers is a game that focuses on teaming up with multiplayer to research, hunt, weaken, and trap ghosts for money, an interesting topic that doesn’t have a lot of mining games. The game relies heavily on getting to know a specific ghost and what gamers need to do to fight it.

Ghost Watchers . Ghost Watchers
Ghost Watchers . Ghost Watchers

However, some players, especially newbies, may have difficulty understanding Ghost Watchers initially and may not get a good grasp of the game. If you’re also having trouble experiencing the game, let’s explore some tips Ghost Watchers newbies need to know to get off to a good start.

Ghost Watchers tips for beginners

Using Voodoo dolls

Players will have many ways to identify ghosts, the most important part of Ghost Watchers. This will depend on what the ghost is interacting with, and people can effectively identify what they are dealing with.

Voodoo dolls are one of the best ways to identify a ghost. Usually, the player can throw this doll right next to an ouija board and then wait a few minutes. Whether the ghost interacts with the doll, the board, or both, it will still tell the player what the ghost is.

Monitor thermometer

The thermometer is also one of the best items for players to use when hunting ghosts. It may not sound like much at first, but a thermometer can actually be one of the most important tools to have.

Players should keep an eye on thermometers, as sudden high or cold temperatures are a good way to tell when ghosts are nearby. The temperature of the house will fluctuate between specific landmarks, and anything that deviates too far is a sign of a ghost.

Make goals to earn money

Players will soon discover that there are many things they should do while setting up for the ghost hunt. While gamers may be forced to find a way to identify a ghost, it’s not a good idea.

There is a list of goals that players will have to go through if they want to earn some money. Too much focus on guessing which ghost it is can cause the completion of all objectives to fail and lose money.

Bring protective gear

When a ghost is identified, it will feel uncomfortable. They will do anything in their power to keep people from getting rid of them, which may include grabbing, swiping, or carrying the player away.

It is best to bring items that can protect you from ghosts. There are 3 types of protective items including Protect, Irritate and Doesn’t Protect. It is best for the player to hoard everything in the first 2 categories and never take anything in the third category.

Annoying ghosts is a fun idea

Ghost Watchers players will think that getting items that protect but make the ghost agitated is a bad idea, but it can actually be quite useful. If nothing else, players should be able to defend themselves with it.

Also, getting an item that gets the ghost excited will actually help the player lure it out when it’s ready to capture it. A ghost can run away but getting an item that upsets the ghost will make capture much easier.

Leave items outside the house

Surprisingly, it is a really good idea for the player to leave all his items at the entrance to the house. This includes all protective items, including those that provoke, but players will still have to get things like ouija boards and thermometers.

Players should leave these items at the entrance, as it will make them much easier to get. It’s more effective than leaving items scattered around the house and trying to find them all with a ghost following closely behind.

Get Cursed Item

The main goal of the game is not only to hunt for ghosts, but also to find a cursed object in the house. It can be placed anywhere, so players really need to keep an eye on it.

Once the cursed item is obtained, the player needs to run fast to get it. The ghost will not be satisfied with this action, and a player needs to get out of the house as quickly as possible. This will ensure everyone can use their guard objects and group with them to catch the ghost.

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