Genshin Impact: Instructions on how to unlock co-op mode

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Video games are often more engaging when played with friends and Genshin Impact is no exception. While a few requirements must be fulfilled first to unlock the co-op mode, after that, taking on friends’ worlds can be a great way to progress in the game.

In Genshin Impact, joining a friend’s world takes some time. This article will guide everyone how to unlock co-op mode in Genshin Impact to start joining or create new worlds and go with friends.

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How to unlock co-op mode in Genshin Impact

Before gaining access to the multiplayer mode, gamers will need to play through a series of missions. It takes a while to unlock, but don’t worry everyone will be able to play with their friends soon.

Gamers need to play alone until achieve Adventure Rank 16 to unlock co-op and multiplayer modes in Genshin Impactwith several ways as follows:

Complete the main Archon quests in the prologue

First, get to the city of Monstadt and visiting it counts as part of the main quest. Next, clear the 3 wind temples around the city. The main quests reward a lot of EXP and the more you get, the sooner you can play with others.

Visit the Adventurer’s Guild in Monstadt

After gaining access to the adventurer’s notebook, gamers can begin to gain more EXP. The Experience tab in the manual provides a variety of Adventure Rank EXPs when exploring. Cooking, opening chests, and activating waypoints will yield some EXP.

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Explore the Overworld

There are many places to explore so gamers can get a lot of EXP. Waypoints, chests, dungeons, and Seven Angels will expand the map.

Daily quest at rank 12

Upon reaching Adventure Rank 12, the player can begin daily quests. They are fairly easy to complete and reset every day, making this one of the best ways to gain Adventure Ranked EXP and more.

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