Genshin Impact: Instructions for collecting lightning seals to receive the magic Sakura tree reward

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Genshin Impact is a game full of collectibles, and Inazuma’s new area keeps expanding the list of items the player can collect. One of these collectibles is Sigil, with Anemo Sigil located in Mondstadt and Geo Sigils located in Liyue. The Inazuma area also has its own form of Sigil – Electro Sigil.

Genshin Impact players with Adventure Rank 30 or higher can start interacting with the previously encountered Sacred Sakura. However, the player must also complete the Ritou Escape Plan mission first to start interacting. After interacting with the sacred Sakura tree, gamers can start offering Electro Sigil for rewards.

The magical Sakura tree in Inazuma City is a famous location in Genshin Impact. The people of Inazuma often visit this sacred tree to pray for good luck in life. Here are all the details, rewards, and instructions on how to find lightning seals to give this tree.

Uses of the magical Sakura and Thunder Seal

This is a large Sakura tree behind Grand Narukami Shrine, Inazuma. It creates Sakura Blooms for Electro characters to collect using their elemental skills. Sakura Blooms are also an important ingredient for many dishes in Inazuma.

In addition, this is a necessary material for many new characters from Inazuma, including Kamisato Ayaka. The player can also use this sacred Sakura tree to teleport to Mt. Yougou.

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Magic Sakura tree at the back of Grand Narukami Shrine, Inazuma
Magic Sakura tree at the back of Grand Narukami Shrine, Inazuma

Meanwhile, lightning seals can be found in Inazuma. It is given to the sacred Sakura tree to level up, thereby gaining valuable rewards and increasing the level of Electrogranum. Lightning Seal can also be used after version 2.4 in Netsuke no Gen Crafts after Divine Sakura’s Favor reaches level 50.

They can be obtained in Inazuma by opening Chests, completing a domain once, and rewards from the Seven Angels.

The reward from the sacred Sakura tree

Travelers need to collect lightning seals to supply plants and level up, with a requirement of 25 thunderbolts per level. Each time you level up, the tree will give the Traveler a lot of rewards. In particular, when the tree reaches level 17, the player can unlock new abilities for Electrograna.

Each level up of the divine Sakura requires 25 lightning seals
Each level up of the divine Sakura requires 25 lightning seals

There are 50 levels of Sakura trees to upgrade. Upon reaching level 3, the player will receive the Eternal Current. In the first 5 levels, everyone will receive the following rewards according to each level:

  • 50000 Mora
  • 10 Magic Minerals Cast
  • 200 EXP
  • Items and materials: Reunion, Fragile Plastic, Eternal Philosophy, Northlander Sword Embryo, Intellectual Crown.

To get these rewards, travelers need to collect as many thunderbolts as possible. From level 6-50, the player cannot preview the reward.

The reward from the magic Sakura tree
The reward from the magic Sakura tree

How to collect lightning seals

In Grand Narukami Shrine, players will encounter the majestic sacred Sakura tree, a tree that began to grow around the events of the Archon War. Players of Adventure Rank 30 or higher who have completed the Ritou Escape Plan (part of the Inazuma Archon Quest) can begin interacting with it.

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Providing 25 thunderbolts will upgrade Sacred Sakura’s Favor and gain incredible rewards from Acquaint and Intertwined Fates, Crowns of Insight, Mora, and more. Doing this will also increase the benefits of carrying Electrogranum, making the journey to explore Inazuma easier.

With 40 levels and counting, here’s how players can equip enough lightning seals to level up the sacred Sakura tree.

Open chests everywhere in Inazuma

The easiest way to get an Electro Sigil is to open a chest. Chests of different values ​​are widely available throughout Inazuma. Certain chests are locked by puzzles or mobs of enemies.

Luckily, completing the quests needed to unlock the chest is usually relatively straightforward. Chests found in the open world will usually contain weapons, adventure EXP, gifts of Primogem Gems along with Electro Sigils inside.

Players can open chests in Inazuma to receive lightning seals
Players can open chests everywhere in Inazuma to receive lightning seals

Complete the territory puzzle to get the Electro Sigil

Electro Sigil is also available through the completion of certain Domains. Some Domains throughout Inazuma offer rewards upon completion and will include lightning seals. These Domains are different from regular Weapon Ascension and Artifact Domains – but that Domain will not give lightning seals upon completion.

Players can unlock these one-time Doamins on Teyvat by solving puzzles. Completing these puzzles with the player will collect 5 Electro Sigils for each puzzle. For example, a Genshin Impact player can complete the 4 puzzles below to receive a total of 20 Thunder Seals:

  • Formation Estate: Jakotsu Mine (Yashiori Island)
  • Moshiri Kara: Found in the northern part of Tsurumi . Island
  • Palace in a Pool: Suigetsu Swimming Pool (Watatsumi Island)
  • Shakkei Pavilion: Found southeast of Tatarasuna
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Upgrading the Seven Angels in Inazuma

Finally, Electro Sigil can be obtained by leveling up the Seven Angels, The Statues Of The Seven, in Inazuma. The player can do this by collecting Electroculus – purple Oculus that float across the map (they are displayed as sparkling icons on the map when the player approaches them). Each time the statue is leveled up, the player will be granted a certain number of lightning seals.

Upgrading the Seven Angels also helps players get lightning seals
Upgrading the Seven Angels also helps players get lightning seals

Sacred Sakura Tree currently has 50 levels and leveling up the tree offers amazing rewards. So players will need to hunt down and collect Electro Sigil whenever possible to get these awesome rewards.

Giving 25 Electro Sigils to the Sacred Sakura Tree in Genshin Impact will grant the player Acquaint and Intertwined Fates, Crown of Insight, Mora, etc. Increasing the level of Sacred Sakura’s Favor will also make it easier to explore Inazuma.

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