Genshin Impact: Guide to building squads with Tighnari

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Tighnari is a 5-star Dendro DPS character from Genshin Impact, incredibly powerful with powerful charged attacks, massive target damage, and a massive elemental explosion.

Tighnari is the first Dendro character of Genshin Impact
Tighnari is the first Dendro character of Genshin Impact

Tighnari excels as the main damage dealer in a combat formation. This character’s kit revolves around dealing massive damage by triggering a Dendro elemental response, such as Quicken. In line with Dendro’s nature revolving around Elemental Mastery, Tighnari’s top lineups are all reaction-based.

In this article, let’s learn how to build a squad to fight Tighnari in Genshin Impact, helping players make the most of this character’s abilities and strengths.

Tighnari Catalyze Team 1

Tighnari + Collei + Yae Miko + Zhongli

Tighnari is the main DPS of this squad. His damage is maximized by Catalyze reactions (quicken or spread), with Yae’s off-field Electro support.

Yae is the team’s secondary DPS, providing Electro continuously through Electro attacks and turrets. Collei is here to create elemental resonance and act as the team’s secondary DPS.

Zhongli’s main task in the group is to shield the members. By using the new Deepwood Memories Set, he can debuff and reduce the amount of Dendro RES of enemies.

Tighnari Catalyze Team 2

Tighnari + Collei + Fischl + Kuki Shinobu

This team is a bit more F2P player-friendly than the previous team. It follows the same general principle, with Tighnari dealing extreme Dendro damage through reaction to Electro supports.

The best and most f2p-friendly Electro support is Fischl. Tighnari and Collei can deal pretty good Dendro damage with Electro off the field. Collei should use the Deepwood Memories set to reduce Dendro RES.

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Kuki Shinobu’s role in this team is to heal, apply Electro when needed, and provide Electro Resonance with Fischl. This extra power will allow the player to generate Burst more often.

Tighnari Catalyze Team 3

Tighnari + Yae Miko + Kazuha + Raiden Shogun

Overall, this is a dual-core team, with Raiden Shogun and Tighnari sharing the DPS role. Tighnari can actually act as Dendro’s support to Raiden to trigger the Aggravate reaction, dealing extra Electro damage.

Yae Miko is Electro support off the field and her Burst combines with Raiden. Both characters can periodically deal massive Electro damage, and with the new Electro resonance, their combos are better than ever.

Kazuha is in the squad to improve Tighnari’s reactive damage by giving a massive EM boost. While unable to react to Dendro, the vortex Kazuha creates can spread Electro to aid Raiden and Yae’s damage.

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