Genshin Impact: Guide to building squads with Nahida

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Dendro Archon Nahida is one of the most powerful characters in Genshin Impact to date. Here are the 4 best teams for her.

Nahida, also known as Kusanali is a 5-star Electro Catalyst character from Genshin Impact. She is a very versatile Dendro that can be used in any Dendro team. Players can use Nahida to deal damage on the battlefield and put Dendro on pure Quicken, Burgeon, and Hyperbloom teams (when paired with DPS on the battlefield), or have her act as a DPS in battles. pure team of Nilou Bloom, Quicken and Hyperbloom trying to maintain Dendro’s aura.

Team Nahida + Nilou Bloom

Nahida + Nilou + Kokomi + Dendro Traveler

The lineup features a lot of the faces of the Bloom team so far, along with Nilou activating Bloom to create Dendro Bountiful cores. Nahida and Dendro Traveler trigger a reaction and give Nilou more Elemental Mastery. If the player earns C2 on Nahida, the Bountiful cores will gain the crit ability to deal more damage.

Lineup Nahida + Nilou Bloom
Lineup Nahida + Nilou Bloom

Kokomi activates Hydrogen Resonance for Nilou to heal when the party suffers Dendro core damage. A well-built Nilou will have a lot of HP and doesn’t need to heal too much. The player can replace Kokomi with Barbara if needed.

Dendro Traveler plays the role of strengthening the entire team. While Nahida and Nilou don’t rely on Burst much but can use a bit of ER. Collei can also fulfill the role of a Traveler if needed.

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Team Nahida + Cyno Agravate

Cyno + Nahida + Kuki Shinobu + Kazuha

Cyno is the team’s primary DPS, dealing damage with his Burst while activating the Aggravate reaction. Since Cyno cannot be moved out while his Burst is active, the player needs to get everything set up before transferring him in and Burst.

Lineup Nahida + Cyno Aggravate
Lineup Nahida + Cyno Aggravate

Nahida has the main Dendro-type skills, dealing damage off the field with her skills. Burst, Kazuha’s passive and passive skills give Cyno a large amount of elemental mastery, which equates to more damage. In addition, Kazuha also groups enemies together, applying crowd control and electric vortex to reduce the enemy’s Electro RES.

Kuki Shinobu gives Cyno Electro Resonance and a bit of healing. The player can replace her with Dori if needed as these 2 have the same role. Kazuha cannot be substituted as it will greatly reduce the team’s overall DPS.

Nahida is the main DPS of Team Hyperbloom

Nahida + Yae Miko + Kazuha + Yelan

While Nahida’s gear is generally better suited to support missions off the field, as an Archon her stats are good enough to be a DPS on the field. Players can combine her with an off field Hydro support like Xingqiu or Yelan, along with an Electro offfield DPS like Fischl or Yae. The fact that Nahida owns many stars is also quite useful in this squad.

Nahida is the main DPS of Team Hyperbloom
Nahida is the main DPS of Team Hyperbloom

Nahida’s attacks will continuously activate both Bloom/Aggravate and Hyperbloom. deals high damage. Kazuha’s role in this team is the same as in the previous one. He’s just providing some extra EMs and crowd control.

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This type of team is highly customizable, as long as Nahida is well built. Kokomi/Barbara can take the role of supporting Hydro while Kuki and Dori can be supporting Electro. Kazuha can also be replaced with Sucrose.

Nahida is the main DPS in Spread

Nahida + Fischl + Dendro Traveler + Kuki Shinobu

This team operates on the same principle as the Cyno team, with 2 Dendro and 2 Electro. However, Nahida is the main DPS on the team, activating Spread to deal damage with assistance from Fischl and Kuki Shinobu.

Nahida is the main DPS in Spread
Nahida is the main DPS in Spread

Dendro Traveler is here for Dendro Replenishment and Re-Energy application. He also uses Dendro Resonance for a bit more EM. Outfield Electro support tools like Fischl and Kuki are quite flexible in this lineup. Players can also use other characters such as Dori or Yae, depending on what they have.

You may need higher stars when using Nahida as primary DPS. Her initial constellations have a lot of impact, especially her C2, which breaks 30% of defense when activating Quicken’s reaction and allows Dendro’s reaction to transform to perform critical hits. important.

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