Free Fire OB39: Latest Free Fire update details

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Free Fire OB39 will officially launch with many changes, besides new game modes, this super hot survival shooter will update characters, weapons, maps, etc. Especially the Battle Royale game version for high configuration Free Fire Max OB39 There will also be separate updates with brand new features. Below will be the details of the Free Fire OB38 update to invite you to follow.

Free Fire OB39 update details

New character system

Garena will introduce a new character system whereby all skills will be maximized and players can obtain them with gold. Moreover, all locations will be unlocked, helping players create character combinations according to their preferences.

Besides the characters, pet skill levels have also been discontinued, allowing players to unlock pets at their highest potential.

New awakening ability for Alvaro

Alvaro, a popular passive ability character, will have an awakened version in the game with the OB39 update. The awakened skill, Split Blitz, allows the user to split a grenade into pieces to create multiple explosions with a single throw.

New Character – Orion

Orion is the name of the upcoming character that will potentially work as Crimson Crush. The player will use it to replace EP with 300 Crimson Energy, of which 150 will be consumed to activate protection against enemies.

The shield will help the player take or not deal damage and help absorb 15 HP from all enemies within 5 meters. This will last for 3 seconds and also has a cooldown of 3 seconds.

New Battle Royale and Clash Squad tweaks

There are many Battle Royale tweaks coming to FF/FF MAX with the new OB39 update. New content will include in-match quests, increased vehicle count, super respawn cards from 600 FF coins, and rewards Armor Lv. 2 and UMP in the match to revive friends. The auto-targeting feature has also been disabled.

On the other hand, Clash Squad mode will receive map adjustments for Bermuda’s Pochinok and Mill locations, optimizing the placement of obstacles, buildings, etc. for a better experience.

New mode – Triple WolvesTriple

Based on the Lone Wolf mode in FF and FF MAX, Garena will bring Triple Wolves into the OB39 version. This will be a triple-threat match with the duo fighting in the close quarters of the icy Ice Grounds.

New mode Pet Smash

Like Pet Rumble and Pet Mania in Free Fire MAX, the Pet Smash mode will be exclusive to lovable companion characters. It will give unique skills to each pet, making it a challenging and exciting battle.

Free Fire OB39 will also have some other gameplay changes in remaking character abilities such as Xayne, Ford, Otho, Dasha, etc. At the same time, some weapons will also receive balance changes. with this OB39 update.

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