Flynn: Son of Crimson tips for beginners

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Flynn: Son of Crimson is a beautifully rendered platformer action game with the protagonist Flynn, a young boy tasked with saving his kingdom from calamity and the invading darkness. Together with their dog friend Dex, the two will solve puzzles and battle across Rosantica. Flynn: Son of Crimson is a simple game with a lot of depth and nuance.

Action platformer game with beautiful hand-drawn graphics - Flynn: Son of Crimson
Action platformer game with beautiful hand-drawn graphics – Flynn: Son of Crimson

The game teaches gamers the basics from the opening stages. However, the system begins to go deeper as skills are unlocked and reunited with Dex. In this article, learn tips on playing Flynn: Son of Crimson to get off to a good start.

Manage sword attacks

Flynn: Son of Crimson focuses on action combined with some simple puzzles. Most of the time in the levels will be spent fighting different types of enemies. The early stages are fairly straightforward with the player really only needing to rely on a few basic sword attacks, however, as they progress up there will need to be better methods of combat.

The game doesn’t have an in-depth combat system, but requires gamers to think about how many hits they can place, before needing to move out of the way. Some enemies have specific attacks that will tell the player when to dodge them.

Avoidance is important

Like any action-focused game, dodging or dodging skills are crucial to avoiding damage and surviving longer without going back to the checkpoint. Luckily, Flynn has excellent dodging abilities, not only having a few moments of invincibility, but also passing through enemies to avoid their direct attacks.

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Implementing dodge is very simple however, everyone will need to learn how to dodge at the right time to avoid taking damage and dashing past enemies. For example, along the way there are flowers with the effect of increasing strength before attacking. If dodged right before the attack, people can rush behind to hit them.

Guaranteed health recovery

Flynn can use special green gems with the ability to restore strength during his journey. This ability is bestowed early on, and although the healing effect is quick, it does not completely heal Flynn. Instead, it recovers a few hit points reflected by a gauge.

Flynn: Son of Crimson is not a difficult game at all, but that doesn’t mean everyone won’t take damage, especially in the somewhat more difficult boss battles. Flynn can also upgrade his health gauge. Simply put, always keep an eye on your health gauge to see how much damage it can take.

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