Fishing Guide in Tsuki’s Odyssey

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The sequel to Tsuki’s Adventure, Tsuki’s Odyssey, takes the player back to Mushroom Village, where the cute little bunny plans to meet his friends. In this passive adventure game, players can decorate Tsuki’s tree house with furniture and items, travel to various locations, interact with many new characters, grow carrots and even even fishing.

One of the most loved features and activities is fishing. In this article, learn how to fish in Tsuki’s Odyssey to get the most out of this fun activity.

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Fishing Guide in Tsuki’s Odyssey

In Tsuki’s Odyssey, players can buy fishing rods from Yori’s shop. Locate this store from the map by tapping the smartphone at the bottom of the screen. Next, tap the marker/pin icon to access the map. Find Yori’s shop to the left of her tree house.

Yori . store location
Yori . store location

Once inside Yori’s shop, people can buy furniture and other items. During the day, Yori sells furniture, but if shopping at night, Elfie will be at the counter. Gamers can purchase furniture and decorations from both Yori and Elfie. Furniture and decor items are displayed on the first floor. Just touch an item to buy it.

In the same store, Pipi or Paige (at night Paige takes over in place of Pipi) will sell items and games upstairs. Players can buy fishing rods from Pipi or Paige upstairs. It was placed on the display case in front of Pipi.

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The location of the fishing rod in the store
The location of the fishing rod in the store

After that, people can also buy fishing rods from Yori’s shop but will have to peel more carrots to buy. The more advanced fishing rod than the basic one costs 7500 carrots to buy it.

When touching the fishing rod, a magnified item with a description will be displayed. Click shopping bag icon there is a blue background in the lower right corner of the item that is zoomed in to buy a fishing rod for 1000 carrots.

After buying a fishing rod, head straight to the pier near Stone Temple – the first fishing spot in Tsuki’s Odyssey. People will find additional points as more locations are unlocked.

The location of the pier - the first fishing spot
The location of the pier – the first fishing spot

At this time Tsuki will chill while fishing. Everyone needs to click blue button on the rivernext to the jetty to start fishing.

Players will hear the sound of a fish bite and Tsuki pulls the fishing rod. Click anywhere to wind the fishing line when the sound is heard.

All fishes will be stored in the inventory, just touch red bag in the bottom left corner of the screen, then select a fish to see its selling price.

Some fish will sell more carrots than others. For example, Rock Beauty can be sold for 120 carrots while Anchovy only costs 20 carrots.

Some fish will sell more carrots than others. For example, Beauty Rock can be sold for 120 carrots, while anchovies only cost 20 carrots.

To sell fish in Tsuki’s Odyssey, go to Yori’s Store and sell it to Yori or Elfie. Players can quickly navigate to the store through the map on the phone in the game. Just tap Yori or Elfie to bring up 2 options above them. For now, tap red box to sell its items.

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Now tap on the fish you’ve caught and want to sell, then select blue tick on the right side of the screen.

People can choose many fish and quantity sold. Example: If you have caught 3-4 fish of a species, just select the fish and then click on + symbol above it to select more than 1 fish.

Finally, after completing the selection of fish and the quantity sold, the player needs to click Sold to confirm the sale. If you change your mind and want to save more, choose I’ve changed my mind!.

One caveat is that the price offered by the in-store seller depends on the current in-game market price of that fish, so you can come back to the store later to check that fish’s price. increase or not.

Fishing spot in Tsuki’s Odyssey

Currently in Tsuki’s Odyssey there are 2 locations for the character to navigate to to fish, with the unlocking as follows:

  • Near Dawn Storeunlocked on the 3rd day.
  • Rosemary flower shopunlocked on Friday.

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